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The virus that causes diarrhea is spreading

The virus that causes diarrhea is spreading

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More and more children are suffering from diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and possibly fever. This type of viral disease is not uncommon in summer.

Spreading vomiting, diarrheaYou can get the disease wherever it is, and its value depends on how strong your immune system or virus infection is.Dr. Gonda Mбria pediatrician told what are the most important things to do in this case:
  • to cool the patient in a cool room,
  • the more fluids you drink (lemonade, herbal tea, fruit juice), the first day you get sick just the liquid
  • if you do not have a history of vomiting, nausea, then the patient can eat solid foods (bread sticks, apple baby buns, boiled potatoes, bananas). If you have a whole steak, you can eat roasted meat
It is important to continue to support your stomach with a probiotic.The disease usually lasts for 2-3 days, or more severely for a week. The patient should not go to the public (such as the beach) for as long as they have any symptoms.Related articles in the topic of diarrhea:
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