Food allergy can also cause anxiety in children

Food allergy can also cause anxiety in children

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More and more children and adults suffer from some kind of food allergy, yet we still know little about the disease and its cure. Food allergy also has a sad consequence: it increases anxiety in affected children and their parents.

Lots of people are sensitive to some food, and food allergies really have a very serious impact on quality of life. Foods that cause allergies should be avoided, care should be taken for possible cross-allergies, the ingredients of each food should be carefully read, and a child with food allergies often should not eat the same food as they should. Not to mention that severe food allergies can endanger life. These factors can cause tension and anxiety in affected children and their parents.And anxiety can sometimes be so severe that it affects the child's daily life and social relationships. Anxious child does not take part in peer-to-peer programs, refuses food in kindergarten, school (maybe he / she reacts badly if he / she has to go to school), goes to birthday parties or goes there ... , if you have the right food. Your diet may also be extremely restrictive, which also affects your balanced diet.Food allergy can also cause anxiety Children and parents with severe anaphylactic reaction Post traumatic stress can also develop. In these cases, the senses and even the thoughts of small things like an ambulance, the smell of an ambulance, or the thought of a person can trigger a panic reaction. This is tovбbbi elkerьlх viselkedйsekhez, visszahъzуdбshoz vezethet.Tovбbb worsen the child бllapotбt to the йs szorongбssal pбnikreakciуval цsszefьggх physical tьnetek, нgy accelerated heart rate or lйgzйsi nehйzsйgek цsszetйveszthetхek kцnnyen get allergiбs reakciуval, which only enhances the tovбbb szorongбst, tovбbb erode tьneteket . In the long run, this can also lead to social and cognitive impairment as the child tries to withdraw himself or herself from any situation that reminds him or her of inconveniences, whether at school or at school.

How can we help our child?

Under calm and safe conditions let's talk about his interests and the food allergy, without subjecting your senses to compromise or elaboration. Let's try to find out exactly what moment and problem are causing the anxiety, and try to find a solution. Could the drug be administered? Maybe you are in an awkward position before others?Develop an emergency plan in the first place (of course, according to the child's age) and practice the necessary steps. It is worth writing down the plan, printing it, and keeping it at home, as well as in the child's jacket and coat.Get help from a specialist! With cognitive behavioral therapy, very good results can be achieved, as the child can learn how to deal with anxiety, how to "overcome" stressful behavior, and how to replace negative thoughts with more realistic (.You may also be interested in:
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