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Cross over a cup

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The number of cesarean sections is increasing, and today (based on 2010 data) they are born with every second to third baby. Our readers, in agreement with our editors, think that this should not be treated purely as a parent problem.

A number of our readers have commented on our opinion on cesarean section in the editorial letter of our November issue of this page. Many times they rejected new aspects, we followed up on their requests and talked with representatives of different professions.
How is this?
In Hungary, at present, the College of Fertility and Nursing Vocational Education states that a cesarean section is only performed for serious medical reasons. But the statistics don't prove that. Why does a woman (or a doctor) try to multiply the number of justified cases? What does the parent holding the decision consider to be a "serious medical reason"? According to our readers' letters, almost anything ... and what leads to the need for a cesarean section? Often there are certain medical interventions, or conditions of birth. Does the mother ever ask for surgery? Of course not! That is why both sides (doctors and parents) have a lot to do to erase the request we edited in September: "What will happen to us? according to the order of nature? "
Does the baby matter anyway?
It is very important that the baby is still lying on his mother's body after the baby is born. However, it is important to know that there are currently no more than two hospitals, and this is not a common practice in these places either. As for the discomfort: As the vagina passes slowly through the narrow birth canal, it has effects that have an important role to play in the process of cushioning. In the case of cups, this does not happen, so we can count twice as many adaptation problems and breathing problems. The medicine used for anesthesia and anesthesia can also affect the newborn. This is the reason why a cupped baby is still waiting for the mature newborn to be able to get help when needed. Of course, if the mother or the fetus is in danger, the drawbacks of the cup will be outweighed by the imminent danger.
"In a few places, the father can be in the surgery, support the mother, and see the newborn first," says Dr. Kiss Eleonуra. - After lifting and, if necessary, touching the newborn's face to the mother's face after birth. Then, after the care on the warmth, the baby is placed on the father's naked torso, so the little one calms down and feels secure. After this, the newborn baby is brought back by the father to the mother and can be together for the rest of the operation. In my experience, if we are to assist the mother in breastfeeding in the post-operative period, the milk does not start anything less than after the vaginal birth - contrary to the beliefs of the mother - everything is up to us.
All we are going to add is that it would be nice if all the newborns in the country thought so.
Does parenting make the vagina?
If the baby is attracted to the baby, they will not allow you to choose a comfortable posture and hurry to give birth, and there is less chance of gradual dislocation of the gums. The so-called alternative, which is still natural, is less likely to endanger the dam. It is important for the mother to lie in her baby for at least a few days. Smaller bruises in the postpartum period self-heal, with gradual rearrangement of the muscles.
"The vagina's weakness is not caused by birth, but by gravity," says Bobbie Kirby, an intimacy trainer. - For women whose pelvic floor muscles were stronger during pregnancy, they remained stronger after childbirth. It is true that cesarean section does not, or only to a small extent, affect the Goth muscle. Intimacy is also an important part of getting ready for childbirth and of post-partum recovery. The gymnastics exercise for the experienced woman is much more demanding than regular brushing, so she does not require any more organization and patents.
Am I a mother?
After cesarean section, the question may be asked for years: "Can I feel like a good mother?" "Isn't my relationship with my baby perfect because of the cup?" There is a lot of talk about the fact that the way of birth can affect our entire lives. There are several psychotherapeutic methods for this. But that doesn't mean that the birth standard really does matter!
"It is true that cesarean section may disturb the beginning of a well-formed mother-child relationship." Explains psychologist Zsuzsa Csabina-Etinyi. This does not represent a final, irreplaceable problem in negotiation, but makes the relationship a natural one. You should never lose sight of the fact that the quality of your relationship is influenced by countless factors.
It would be best to clarify: who should we consider as a mother? The answer is not that anyone who has given birth to the vagina, who has breastfed for at least two years, who has only given birth to the table, and after childbirth has not moved her child for three years. It is possible to conceive a mother who has not achieved a single point in the "race numbers" above, but allows her little, well-balanced, creative, optimistic grown-up who, with her careful attention, wit and confidence in her child!
Is the cup lighter for the mother?
For most mothers, the pains of truancy are only remembered after childbirth. The rash, the bust, is experienced by everyone who has a child. Damage can cause problems, fortunately less frequently. After cesarean section, however, it has to be counted with a great deal of pain and side effect. Of course, everyone kills it. "My milk started to flow quickly, my pain was gone quickly, and after a week, I forgot to have surgery in both cases." - reads one of our readers. "Yeah, and a lot of cupcakes for weeks, we're not getting it right. I don't want anyone to have the pain I went through." - The other one says.
"A painful side effect can happen to everyone," says Dr. Gabriella Berta, an anesthetist. - For example, pain in the abdomen, bruising at the site of the infection, pain in the nipple due to infusion, tightness of the lungs due to the release of air into the abdomen, tightness of the shoulder, Occasionally, we encounter events because they are not usually inherent in the operation, but are caused by a special condition. Such is wound infection, purulence when the wound has to be treated open. It can also form, wound wound, bladder or bowels. The site of infusion or near-vertebral insertion may become infected. If you undergo anesthesia, the tube that passes into the airways can also cause death. Very severe headaches may follow spineless anesthesia. Pain relief is, of course, possible, but there are limitations to breastfeeding.
Mutagenic Generation?
"At that time, in the Living Room series, a doctor said that anyone who gives birth to a cup is mutated because it does not inherit the reproductive system of humanity." - read it.
"It may be that many cesarean sections will have an effect on our genius during the millennium," says biologist Dr. Szedlay Gyöngyi, "but this time has not passed. The human race has little genetic change compared to pre-history self. However, birth could have been complicated by several factors. One is: the fetus is good when the fetus is more advanced, the mother is the fetus when it is smaller. A middling solution has emerged: the fetal head is just out of the maternal pelvis. Yeah, but that came at a time when the first-born woman was lean, muscular and teens. Today we eat more, move less, and are born more and more in their thirties. This is due to our life-style, you have no access to our genes. Neither are the conditions that are mostly intended, but are caused by medical procedures that have gone wrong. This is the case of our own mother, quoted above: she was pregnant with a lot of dehydration at the end of her pregnancy, and the need for emergency dressing was removed. This has certainly not been transmitted to your child, there is no point in talking about "obsessive mutants"!