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The 5 life-saver tricks of the "hacker parents"

The 5 life-saver tricks of the "hacker parents"

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The tricks of being a mother to the internet are becoming more and more popular, and there are lots of ideas that are very useful for parents of children.

Rachelle Doorley a mother-in-law with two children is real "hacker mom", have some very entertaining ideas for little inventors. As childhood disappears quickly, parents need to find good working solutions to these busy years. Doorley uses all of the tricks below to make your life easier, you see, "Start with what's the biggest challenge for you," says Rachelle Doorley. If you have a hard time starting your morning, find out how to create a lighter breakfast routine. If you have a baby, figure out how to organize your diaper.A little super idea that might come in handy when you have kids:

Home made "lollipop"

Home made "lollipop"

It has recently been discovered that my grandfather may have lactose intolerance. They made her a snack at home: this lollipop filled with fruits, almond milk and greens provides the right protein intake. It still works better in the summer because it is hыtцtt fine it cools the kids a bit in the heat.

Matatуs box

The Development of sensory organs very important in early childhood. Doorley and his children enjoy this simple but great game every night, which is a simple box filled with stuff. Items included in the box may also be related to the season or the children's interest. Doorley put sand, slabs, dry baskets, spatulas, cotton balls, snowy animals amongst others. How you fill it is up to you.

The trick to safe drug delivery

This is a very simple but great idea to keep track of your drug intake. This is especially useful if you are nurturing more than one sick child.

Fortress of Color

This cardboard box is just the thing for kids to get creative. Funny and inexpensive gameswill take them a lot - you can also teach them the concept of reuse.

Skating socks

Emlйkszel Tom Cruise your famous, slippery scene from the Risky Business movie? Well, if your kids are doing the same thing, it's not that much fun. Put a small gun on the underside of the socks with a glue gun it ends the rain. If you do not have a glue gun, use a puff paint.They may also be interested in:
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