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There is a growing trend in the Pancreas Party in England, which is exclusively organized to blend healthy children with Pancreas Various.

Imagine the fat you go to and treat with a healthy child, all intentionally. This is exactly the purpose of the pox party - known as pox party - that parents deliberately infect their children with some form of childhood infection, most commonly varicella, so that the patient develops the disease at the time of their choice. Think of it as more effective and safer than vaccination. Another reason for the ailments is that a number of infectious diseases in childhood are usually in milder form than in adults. The end goal is to avoid immunization and to select another method.

Similar parties are organized for the "banquet" of rubella. The party's invitees are usually teenage girls, and because of the ideology that rubella during pregnancy can cause serious fetal abnormalities, it is important to have a child who is not ill before childbirth.
Personal meetings are not required to be infected or to be infected. Ready parents send usable items from sick children to the post office on request, so another parent can "do it yourself" to hurt their own child. Popular community sites can also help: It's easier for people looking to participate in a promotion to receive a sick child's lollipop, a piece of clothing, or a piece of clothing.
Dr. Mariann Fodor, a pediatrician, believes there are serious consequences for avoiding vaccinations in this way. Varicella is a highly contagious infectious disease that can be transmitted to people of all ages if there is no protection against the disease. Although its course is not severe, it can develop tumors, such as blinded and over-infected vesicular bladders, which may require antibiotic treatment. Rarely, pneumonia and nervous system disease can occur, which can become permanent. Occasionally, the infection may spread to the eye, requiring urgent ophthalmic treatment. Not to mention that little babies can become infected at such parties if they do not know if they are already infected. In this case, fetal injury may occur.
"Children are usually spontaneously killed by the age of 5-9," the pediatrician explains. - They easily understand not to scratch the edges, so that the superinfective event is less noticeable. In any case, there is a 100% chance that a child will develop a disease at an appointment, and it is possible that a toddler has twice or three times more than one patient in the community and only one patient. Nor can it be known in advance that only a few blisters develop, or a plethora of blisters engulf the toddler's body. I suggest that the little ones, if they are not sure that they were sick during their childhood, should check their antibody levels before pregnancy and, if necessary, have the doctor transported.