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Such illnesses can be caused by stress

Such illnesses can be caused by stress

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It is increasingly recognized that stress is a multiple risk factor for mental and physical illness and almost impossible to avoid. However, according to Dr. Révay, a management consultant at the Center for Disease Medicine, reduction and treatment are not only possible but necessary.

Such illnesses can be caused by stress

You are ready for an attack, an escape

Stress is an internal or external stimulus that is perceived by a person as being - not necessarily consciously - dangerous and triggering an emergency response. Emergency response corresponds to an ancient response when the body enhances activity in response to escape or exacerbation. , fatty acids are released so that the muscle can utilize them. It also seems to be a persistent stressful condition You keep your organization in good steadwhich is very stressful. Whoever thinks that stress only causes tension is dead. Often its consequences are so insidious that only one serious illness indicates that we have been left to rule for so long. Not only is it too much work, multiple compliance, and weight loss, but inadequate diet and exercise is also a source of stress. If we do not overcome the environmental stress caused by stress, illnesses will alert us to the need for a solution as our performance deteriorates.

What Illnesses Can Relieve Persistent Stress?

  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • High blood pressure
  • Pбnikbetegsйg
  • Thyroid diseases
  • Increased glucose levels
  • Gyomorfekйly
  • Tenziуs headache or migraine
  • Eczema condition condition
  • Advanced asthma
  • Alvбszavarok
  • Irritable bile-disorder
  • They are cancerous
  • Autoimmune diseases

It is not avoidable, but it is

Everyday stress is inevitable, but you do not need to be serviceable and harmless. It is worth reducing the negative effects of stress specialist helpand, if possible, to seek support - emphasizes dr. It is important to know that stress management cannot be learned in a single step, it is a process of eliminating the least effective ways of managing daily life, During the course of a new complex training, stressors and their daily routine analysis of participants' daily stress and their effects will be addressed. The цnismeret the jуzan йsz, йs the rendszerezйs hбrmasбra йpьlх mуdszerrel segнtьnk betцltцtt everyday йletben roles, tasks, vбgyak kцzt order йs harmуniбt teremteni.A trйning sorбn the rйsztvevхk elsajбtнthatjбk elements of mуdszer йs logikбjбt, every day of the egymбst kцvetх occasions kцzti idхben йletьkre adaptбlhatjбk the method. Not only do new occasions enrich the coping strategies with new elements, but participants can share their experiences from the exercise, and use the group dynamics tool to enhance the training effect. The goal of regaining harmony is to support physical and mental health.Related articles in stress:
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