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Frostbites on the horizon

Frostbites on the horizon

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The chances of embryo freezing are getting better. This protects prospective parents from falling asleep again and again for awkward and complicated procedures.

According to a 2009 MTI news release, a baby embryo that was frozen over twenty years ago by a 42-year-old mother was born in the United States.
They have never successfully implanted such a long frozen and then thawed embryo, according to Fertility and Sterility. The doctor, Sergio Oehninger According to her mother, her mother died during a treatment at a clinic in Norfolk.
The embryo, frozen for 19 years and a week before the birth, was donated by an anonymous couple, who were then housed in the facility. A total of five embryos were thawed, two of which survived, and one began to develop in the body of the happy mother.
But it is not just in the Persian Sea that such miracles take place. We have ice cream beans here, just younger.
When I first read about ice cream dolls, I was surprised at the ease with which fertility problems are handled by parents who are struggling with fertility problems. In fact, after a while, our hardships are lifted, we accept them, we accept them.

Embryos made for jig

Experienced flasks call the baby a baby born from a frozen embryo. Embryo freezing has a history of several decades, and technology is constantly evolving. The idea is plausible: if there is more good quality embryo in a flask program, it would be a good idea to keep them for the next implant, if the first one fails or if you want a family small brother. Occasionally, after the death of the father, frozen embryos were planted, so the brothers and sisters were raised in the family. The results are great: frozen embryos with 91% viable thawing.
Freezing occurs within 3-5 days of fertilization, when planting is due. According to the law, the embryo can be frozen for up to five years and, if requested by the couple, this period may be extended for another year.
Parents must also declare the fate of the frozen embryo:
- seeking freezing for its own purpose
- Feel free to test it
- anonymously upload to others.

Very cold…

Fruit beans are very ingenious as they stay at 196 degrees for up to years. Freezing takes place in a special solution that prevents the formation of ice crystals, such as embryonic destruction. Frozen embryo delivery means less hormone load and less interventions for parents than a standard flask program, and the pregnancy rate is the same as a normal pregnancy. Just - according to some funny dear parents - after all, not a normal baby is born, but a little Eskimo.
Szaktanбcsadуnk Dr. Fülöp Istvn Medvedic and Endoscopic Specialist, Head of the Medbury Center at Roberts Kбroly Magazine