Is it worth to be vaccinated?

Is it worth to be vaccinated?

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The number of people with influenza is increasing and the risk of developing influenza is increasing. Many people have not always decided whether to survive the disease vaccine.

Influenza is a major threat to children and the elderly as their immune systems make it more difficult for them to fight the disease-causing virus. Below, Dr. Péter Krivácsy, Buda Health Center Children's Crib tells about vaccination information. "The children of уvodбban, megfertхzхdhetnek kцnnyebben iskolбban, нgy mindenkйpp take care of megfelelх vйdelemrхl йrdemes idхben. As szervezetьk kevйsbй ellenбllу than felnхttekй, kцnnyebben sick йs common in szцvхdmйnyek kialakulбsбnak kockбzata well. Leghatбsosabb vйdelmet against betegsйg the vйdхoltбs nyъjtja, but also only if given in time, because the deficiency develops in less than a week, "said Dr. Peter Krivabcsy.
"The influenzбnak be szбmos szцvхdmйnye as pйldбul common tьdхgyulladбs or kцzйpfьlgyulladбs. Influenzбs idхszakban kйzmosбssal, szellхztetйssel йs vйdekezhetьnk also kerьlйsйvel the zsъfolt points against betegsйg. If gyermekьnk kimerьlt, kцhцg or lбzas not vigyьk kцzцssйgbe but keressьnk a pediatrician. Early diagnosis of the disease can prevent the development of more serious illnesses or events, "the doctor added.