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Diabetic Problems - Treatment of Pregnant Diabetes

Diabetic Problems - Treatment of Pregnant Diabetes

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Pregnant diabetes mellitus is increasingly common, which usually goes away after birth, but if detected early, it can be well treated with diet.

After pregnancy, the disease can disappear

Pregnant women with diabetes are becoming more and more pregnant. Fortunately, due to the mandatory screening tests, light can appear on the latent course and can be well remedied by diet or, in extreme cases, medication or insulin therapy. After pregnancy, in most cases, the disease disappears. However, a new study calls attention to the fact that every other pregnant diabetic can count as having type 2 diabetes within twelve years if he or she does not change his or her lifestyle.Rizikу
Pregnant women with diabetes may develop mainly from women who:
- the disease has occurred in the family,
- a baby over 4 kg born to a previous pregnancy,
- insulin resistance was diagnosed before pregnancy,
- the overweight is significant,
- Over 35 years of age. Pregnancy is not a disease, just another condition. However, if at any time in the nine months we experience an abnormality, we should go to the doctor twice more than ever. After all, expectation often causes the body to function as it did before, and this can cause serious problems for the baby and for me. Pregnant diabetes does not always have a symptom, so if screening tests are missed, you may have a latent illness and you can put your mom and baby at risk.Good luck on page 24-26. weekly from a sugar-laden diagnostic test in time and it will be revealed soon if there is trouble. (Examination may be requested earlier by those with high risk factors for the disease, see our box below). If the gastric values ​​exceed 6 mmol / l, and / or 2 ør 7.8 mmol / l, gestational diabetes mellitus beszйlьnk. A further examination also reveals whether you need insulin or if you need to start a diet plan.

The golden standard of the meal

In the case of gestational diabetes, diabetics and dietitians can help New Life Form And Trend цsszeбllнtбsban. The key to controlling disease is the amount and quality of carbohydrates and the frequency of meals. We eat five or six times a day, avoid fast-absorbing carbohydrates, and prefer to use fiber-rich, complex carbohydrates instead. Let's eliminate the white flour and sugar, introduce the good fats (olive oil, couscous, seeds), we eat it twice a day, and half it on the table. you are giving up something, but you can taste it in the world of new and daring blunders. We dare to be creative!

Glucose-lowering foods

We wouldn't even think about how much sugar in our kitchen is reducing food. Cinnamon and gum are all miraculous miracles for diabetics, as the former doubles and the latter improves insulin action. It is also a good meal that regulates blood sugar and fat metabolism in addition to its aerosol effect. Among the fruits, we prefer the red fruits, which slowly raise the sugar level, and drink lots of green tea.Learn More About Pregnant Diabetes
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