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Slowly, illness is becoming more common

Slowly, illness is becoming more common

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Premature birth is becoming more common, but more and more premature babies have a better life expectancy, and over the past six years the survival rate of premature babies has improved. According to experts, mother is the best medicine for her baby.

Slowly, illness is becoming more commonIn Hungary, the proportion of premature babies ranges from 8.5 to 9 percent, making us an army in Europe - he told Miklos Szabou neonatologist, associate professor of the 1st Department of Pediatric Medicine, Semmelweis University, president of the Hungarian Perinatology Society. Similarly, the proportion of prematurely born in Germany and Austria is worse, while in the United States it is lower than 15 percent. According to many experts, almost every disease is almost premature. While infant mortality is still the leading cause of infant mortality, it can be said that in just the last six years, it has improved by more than 30 percent. The earlier a baby is born, the greater the risk of permanent damage and the greater the risk of death. Up to 30 years ago, babies over 1500 grams have been told by doctors that they have a good chance of getting pregnant;

Who is considered a premature child?

We also categorize premature birth according to when the baby was born:
  • extreme premature baby: who is born before week 28. 22-25. weekly babies are referred to as the gray zone because keeping it alive is ambiguous.
  • premature: 28-32. they were born weekly
  • early infants: 33-36. weekly babies - the chances of dying are low, but there are many diseases and the risk of long-term illness is higher than that of babies born with time.

Should You Keep Pregnant?

Currently, the 37th week is considered the age limit, but there are scientific results that suggest that this should be pushed out. According to a recent Scottish study, even those born at week 39 are more likely to have special education needs than those aged 40-41. born weekly. According to Associate Professor, it follows that the optimal pregnancy time is 40-41. it would be a week.

The most common prematurity problems

Most often, you have to deal with early and intensive care for respiratory and circulatory problems. In many cases, pre-infants do not have sufficient breathing capacity because they do not have enough surfactant, which is the vital substance that is covered in the lungs. This material is essential to keep the blisters open when sparkling. In case of threatening premature birth, the production of this substance is therefore urgently stimulated. However, in spite of the treatment, the excess of premature babies must be restored and given surfactant. If this happens, 48-72 hours later, the body will start producing the stuffy stuff. Breastfeeding, early breastfeeding has come to life: according to a recent WHO report, it ranks second in Hungary. If they are starting a small sъlyъ koraszьlцtt babбt йletйnek elsх pillanatбtуl can tбplбlni the йdesanyja tejйvel, the smaller will be fertхzйsek jуval йs the betegsйgek kockбzata.Akiket and kenguruznak (bхr-bхr contact the szьlхvel) befolyбsoljбk fejlхdйsйt kedvezхen the nervous system, they will be kevйsbй kйsхbb hiperaktнvak йs impulzнvak like those who were exclusively incubated in the first weeks of their lives.

What is the cause of premature birth?

There is no single reason that can be traced back. There is a correlation between premature birth and the unhealthy life of parents. smoking, alcohol consumption, maternal malnutrition. But there may be other causes, such as mole developmental disorder or pregnancy toxemia.Anyone who has had a premature birth and a baby who is looking for a twin is considered to be at risk. You need to be particularly sensitive, empathetic, and supportive, and to be aware that the mother is actually a cure for her own child - explained by neonatology in According to Associate Professor, care could be better organized if there were fewer such centers in the country, and data collection on neonatal health was integrated and more efficient. But it would be a priority that the newborns play a key role in providing the newborns with a lack of expertise and financial appreciation.Related Articles in Early Issues:
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