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Zita Görög gave up to move in with her children

Zita Görög gave up to move in with her children

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Baby clothes are increasingly important in the world of fashion, but you shouldn't lose sight of the importance of function and durability for a small child - says Zita Görцg, a top model.

According to Zita Görög, fashion is secondary to children, and she attaches much more importance to keeping pace with trends. Although mothers tend to spend more on a "cute" piece of clothing, beginner mothers recommend not to let it go, the child does not care what is on it.

The colors are in tune with the top kids' model

- Milan (5) and Lotti (3) both started to dance almost immediately, so it soon became clear to us that the two little crampons were swallowing their clothes. After the first half of the year, we both saved a lot on the playground, where, like all healthy kids, they kept shuffling together. Milus learned to ride a motor bike before he came, and this game is a real shoe killer: he spends up to half a year on a single foot, ”said Zita Görцg.
Based on her initial experiences, Zita quickly dropped her education: it is important that she likes her children's clothes, but in addition, quality and durability are just as important.
"Before Milus was born, I had conceived myself as a mother to meet the child." Then I gave up on this very quickly because I didn't want to spend unreasonable amounts on baby clothes. Practically now, in the field of color only, I try to try not to shake each other very much.
Because baby clothes are worn out, stardom suggests that if you have them, pregnant women should also buy larger packages that contain almost all the pieces they need.
- You can get practically everything on the internet, for Lotti I just bought my first big trendy dress bag at TeszVesz. Basically a mother baby from the port, a good hunting ground for parents. The kids didn't fall too far out of fashion with their mom: now that they are both ovis, they are starting to develop their own senses. Lotti was almost ready to pick up while Milus was there. According to Zita, both are now entering the age when stylists are beginning to develop, as they are constantly meeting other children in the ovary, comparing themselves.
Clothes that have been outgrown by the child, but still stand up to months of hardship, will probably serve their next owner, so it is advisable to make a good note of the used market. Here in the baby room you can swap in, sell your baby stuff, and you can buy it yourself, if not new, but you can also use some pretty, long-lasting pieces that have been proven everyday. "We are not planning on a new twin for the time being, but there are some real outsoles in Milus and Lotti's wardrobe that have become extraordinary," I added to my auction just now.
You can bid on Zita Görцg baby clothes for sale!