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How to invest in the sun?

How to invest in the sun?

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Babies tend to sleep longer in the south from the age of one to another. Let's see how this transition takes place!

If you wake up early in the morning, your little bells are probably very cold. You do not have to eat at this time, if you have eaten some fruit or juice, you should have lunch when you have gone to sleep. You may have just gone to sleep in the stroller after returning from the evening walk. Ideally, you can park the stroller in the garden, on a terrace in a bright, shady spot where you can keep an eye on it or take it to the hall by lift. The situation is similar when the little one fell asleep in the car. Of course, this solution is only possible if we can put it in our garden or raise the child along with the car.
It's easier to put it in your baby's bed after lunch. It is advisable to bring it straight from the table, do not let it start to run or play. You will probably expect the standard setting for the evening, but you can also create another. Let's walk with him for a little while and sing for him, or turn on some nice music. After dreaming, turn off the music because the continuous loudness during sleep interferes with brain relaxation. If the baby does not want to lie in the crib, we can allow you to go to bed in the sun during the day or to lie down on the couch in the living room, as this is not a "real" night's sleep. Even though we can lie down, it is not bad for parents to have a rest, but just introduce habits that can be implemented every day.
Many little ones are easier to fall asleep in the open air, but the bigger ones can be disturbed by different stimuli (birdwatching, warbler, etc.). If your baby has used to relaxing in the sun on a patio or in the garden in the past, he may fall asleep for a while. Special care should be taken to ensure that in the summer, it is always in the sun, and in the winter, it is a sunny place. In the rain, set a good parasol over the sleeping area.
We have to adapt to the habits of the small child: if you regularly sleep outdoors in the sun, it will be difficult to fall asleep in the room in the crib, and vice versa. This is difficult sometimes because the air (smog, ozone, cold) is not always suitable for outdoor sleep. We can put a little sister to a little sister who is disturbing her sleep in the South: give her an interesting book or game that she doesn't get used to sometimes, or find something interesting to be occupied with. It shows a greater propensity for calm activity when it is not easy, but a great opportunity to do something that the small can not do (for example, being humble).