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The nutty breakfast cereal tastes nasty

The nutty breakfast cereal tastes nasty

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Nestlé is launching the year with an exciting new combo: the whole grain cereal CHOCAPIC can now be found on the shelves of chocolate and peanuts.

Cereal flakes can be an ideal choice for those who want to start the day with a balanced breakfast in just a few minutes. For peanut lovers, CHOCAPIC Choco-Hazelnut is now a great choice. The new cereal bar has retained the popular chocolate flavored version, but has become even more special with the addition of a silky hazelnut flavor. From January, crunchy flakes not only can be the newest favorite for children, they can be spooned by adults just as well, and the chocolate-peanut taste also delivers important nutrients.
With 30.8 percent whole-grain cereal added, CHOCAPIC Choco-Hazelnut contains seven vitamins and one serving (30 grams) for a balanced, balanced diet and healthy diet.