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She slipped her baby with water slippers

She slipped her baby with water slippers

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A video of a mommy in the Middle East has been outraged, and she has been outspoken after that.

A couple of days ago, Keri Morrison of Florida posted a video to her facebook page that launched an Irish avalanche shortly after its release. An unabashed baby can be seen who initially sits on the steps of the pool and tries to grab the plastic slipper that lures the woman into the water after a few unsuccessful movements in the middle, any one would automatically breathe. No wonder the video shares a lot of publicity, with many cringing at Keri's head to grind her child.

However, the mother goes beyond her point of view, as she states in one of her statements that she only wants to protect her baby from what her older child has failed to do. In 2013, when the family was on vacation, two just-a-year-old boys, Jake, accidentally fell into the pool without being able to fall.

Josie, on the other hand, does not want to convey the same feeling that her baby may suffocate, so she would rather train her in education. - In my opinion, I would just buy it because what else would it be like to have a baby than to have a child? If my son and I were almost in trouble once, we certainly wouldn't, "he told Fox News.
Keri also stated that at the time of the recording, Josie was already at a four-week training session where she was taught to hold her breath, float, and turn around without sinking.