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Untidy teeth

Untidy teeth

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One of our readers, the mother of a foreign-aged baby girl, wrote in a letter worried that she had noticed her baby's lower dentures "in front of the upper denture", that is, the lower dentures.

Mom says that this anomaly is not too obvious now, and others do not notice, because her little face is still puffy. The baby is eating well, well, and her speech development is starting well, but the mother is worried about the aesthetic problem.
This aberration does not cause any serious disturbance in speech or speech, but in the future, especially when the baby is upset, it can cause aesthetic problems.The mother is wondering if she can help with orthodontics on her child. I advise that if your baby is bigger (around four years old), take him to a dentist. It would be too early to intervene now. If the lower denture bites in the lower part of the upper teeth, you may not be able to correct the situation with a dentition, but instead, the whole jawbone will be placed faster.
To do this, they put on a special brace that pulls the lower clamp - backed up by the lower clamp - backwards, thereby creating a more backward position in the business. Of course, you may not be sure to use this solution for your little one; the restoration process can only be decided after a thorough examination. If so, a fogszabбlyozбs can also produce results. This usually occurs when only the lower tooth is in front, not the lower tooth.
In such cases, you will usually have to sacrifice a tooth to make the adjustment successful, as it may also be necessary to support the teeth: the upper tooth is placed a little forward and the lower tooth is approached. Many times, the result is that they create what is called a snatch. This means that the front teeth meet alive, so the lower denture is not the top bite but its edge. This is by far the most aesthetically pleasing of the original, and it is not as burdensome as the previous state. If we are to correct the disorder in adulthood, oral surgery may also be required: In this case, one piece is removed symmetrically from both sides of the lower incisors. This is a serious operation, but it can have the result that the lower denture is off the upper lip. However, in order to avoid this major intervention, it is highly recommended that you consult a specialist in your childhood.

Dental abnormalities can be transmitted

The letter also told her that her baby had never cummed, and she had not fed her baby bottle. However, on a "special way" you suck your finger: you get a middle finger on one hand when it is cold or when it is comforted to turn the hand and the palm of the palm up , so the previously described dental abnormality did not develop. But finger sucking is not at all beneficial, so I definitely suggest you try quitting a little bit.
The baby's mother knew she had a bigger girl, her and her baby's normal teeth, but her grandmother's siblings had the same set of teeth as any other year's baby. You can imagine that baby She was suffering from this disorder, however, I reassure our letter: if you are expecting a child, it is not at all certain that the newcomer will have an abnormal bite. Important to note: Although your teeth have abnormal teeth, the quality of your teeth can be perfect!
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