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You can prevent strabismus

You can prevent strabismus

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You may be confused with your weight and become weaker due to untreated strabismus, said Dr. Krisztina Knézy. She is an ophthalmologist and pediatric ophthalmologist at the Semmelweis University Ophthalmology Clinic.

You can prevent strabismusHe added that the strabismus is affected by 5 to 6 percent of the children and most often has a photographic error in the back. He stressed the problem can't grow outand prevention is most effective before high school. THE early filtration it is also important because strabismus may indicate a serious eye condition. He highlighted over six years of age, there is no significant improvement, and the corrective surgery performed in adulthood is only cosmetic, aesthetic.It is possible to speak of tummy tuck if the two eyes are not located at the same point in the space, and therefore suffer from confusion. The problem is usually a legitimate one, but occasionally the difference is barely noticeable to the naked eye - called attention Dr. Krisztina Knézy. The most common type of strabismus it is caused by a malfunctionbut rarely a more serious illness - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the cervix and the corpus luteum, inflammation of the vitreous cavity or inflammation, or congenital catarrh of a child, or of a child with congenital catarrhal disease , he emphasized, as with many other illnesses, prevention is paramount. The child's visual system develops most rapidly between the ages of 0 and 3, so it is important to begin resolving and treating the problem before school. In Hungary, mandatory status examinations and home pediatricians screen for strabismus, but due to the lack of co-operation in children and the elderly, they do not always fully test. According to Krisztina Knйzy, it is worthwhile to play from time to time to see if the child can see them in the eyes. Cover one of the eyes of the child in a "trash can" and check how much he has seen. If the child is not responding well or is starting to protest, it is possible that you may not see well with the other eye, and thus obscuring the good eye. children are affected by 5-6 percent. Most often, it is due to a photoelectric error in the eyes that is smaller than the average age of the child between the ages of 2.5 and 5, with the highest probability of developing 3-5 plus dioptres - the specialist noted, and the family should be counted. Another congenital form of strabismus occurs between the ages of 0 and 6 months, and it is primarily the development of the eye muscles that develops in the background. He said: In this type, the tendency to feel is much less frequent.Although strabismus, the ability of children to adapt is likely to be quite poor (the eyes and brain may be corrected). Binocular vision may suffer from a lack of storage, but what is worse is that the squinting eye can be permanently deactivated, so it does not learn to see, so it remains blunt to this eye. But dulling can help prevent a patient from getting some jobs later, or even getting a license.Dr. Krisztina Knйzy said that half of the children treated at the Department of Ophthalmology orthopedics and pediatric ophthalmologists are suffering from strabismus. In the first examinations, the first eye is checked for the presence of deep-seated eye diseases, and if not detected, the child is to make the eyes look worse - he explained the course of treatment. He added that if corrections to the malady do not improve the strabismus, an operation should be performed.Also, it is advisable to consult a specialist, but blunting above the age of six to eight can only be marginally improved. In the clinic, however, adults also turn up every day, because strabismus has a psychological aspect that needs to be addressed at all levels. Many people find that they have a problem preventing them from finding work and having a cosmetic, aesthetic correction performed in adulthood, which is the least important intervention that has been made in childhood.
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