5 things that many people get spoiled by using sunscreen

5 things that many people get spoiled by using sunscreen

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Summer is officially here, and so is the sunbathing season. In this case, lighting is of paramount importance.

Not only does the proper sun cream not only protect against polish - it also reduces the risk of skin cancers - but it also protects against more adverse skin changes. But this is only true if we use it well.5 things that many people get spoiled by using sunscreen Dr. Ildikou Vincze Skin Care Cosmetologist, Head Physician of the Maternity Center, told us what to look for. If one's life is multiplied several times, the adverse effects add up, and then they become apparent later in life. Early malignancies, liver and old patches, uneven skin and the most dangerous disease are also at risk of developing skin cancer. Many times we think we are protected under the sun because we apply sunblock, but the following is often overlooked.

We forget some body parts

We may have noticed that some parts of our legs or feet, for example, have not been exposed to sunlight or have not been exposed to it. Of course, we did not know about it, only afterwards, a strange area blushed at the end of the day to warn us of its defect. Often, however, not only certain areas, but our entire body parts remain unprotected: bald or very short-haired men, for example, do not think about sunscreen, but it is important to have a line of hair choices. The earlobe and toe are often forgotten areas.

We use it too soon

Sunscreen creams, after application, require an average of half the price to be able to exert their effects properly. Therefore, it is not a good idea to hurry to catch the loner when you arrive at the beach, hurrying quickly before splashing into the water. Best of all before departure, in the apartment, we thoroughly work on the skin - including the often forgotten body parts - and on the beach only occasionally repeat the operation. Because the clothes can rub the cream or the water-based product is used only once, depending on how much water we sweat or how much we sweat it, we have to apply the skin again.

Just lubricate yourself on the beach

Not only do we need to spend time on the beach and on the waterfront, we always need it when we are out in the sun. You can also use sunblock when you go for a walk or go out, for example.

Not an SPF for our skin type

Six types of skin are found, with 2 and 3 being the most common in Europe. The lighter skin 2, the lighter skin, the 3 lighter skin. Factor 30 is not recommended for all skin types, for lighter skin, children is recommended for 50. In addition to SPF, it is also important to see that sunscreen provides both UVA and UVB protection. The former is responsible for wrinkling, the skin is aging, and the latter is the cause of burns.

We rely on sunscreen for everything

If you are careful to use sunscreen with the above suggestions, you should still be careful about the time you spend in the sun. It is not recommended to stay on hot days between 11 and 15 o'clock. For the time being, move to a shady spot, but here, too, we lubricate ourselves with sunscreen, because we can still shade between the foliage in the sunlight. We protect our eyes with good quality sunglasses with UV filters and our heads with a wide flanged straw hat. For ultra-light, sensitive skins, it is recommended to wear UV-clean clothing on the waterfront and in outdoor activities.
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