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In the heart of Danny Sew, there is literature for children, at least for the time being. The latest volume in the Manu Books series was published, and The Legendary Book of Six is ​​inspired by the sons of Misi, who is ten months old.


Varrу Danniel (33) is a nobleman, turning Child: Missy (10 days ago) Felesйge: Varrу Dбnielné Zelfia Gelencsar (25) Tananutun, hittantOne of the critics called the poet the first representative of postinfantilism after the publication of Tales on Maszat Hill, a children's fairy tale epic that has just been featured with Gaborbor Presser's music in the Pest Synagogue. For Dani, it didn't cry, he didn't hurry to grow up. Now, as the 10-month-old Misi watches every move, she's especially benefiting the soulful child. But what kind of father is the poet?
- Like anyone who loves a kid. I was excited when we learned we were going to have a baby. I was a little afraid of him, looking for love in a state similar to love. Then, when she was born, all her anxiety ceased, she was completely impressed with how cute she was. It was admirable immediately, it was possible to kiss it, to make it. After a few weeks, it turned out to be a good-looking, laughing baby. I have three teeth right now, but with a bit of stubbornness, we can hardly miss it.
Art is represented on many occasions in the life of the little son, besides the father of the poet there is a family of photographers and painters in the family. And her mother adores her with flute notes. There will be a number of sensitivities to the arts.
- I'm sure Misi will be treated with a lot of poetry. It was a couple of days when he was jogging, and I was trying to cheer him up with Jin Ady poems. And look wonderful, it succeeded. Encouraged by this, we obtained all sorts of proverbs, but I found the offer poor. This gave me the idea to rhythm my Misi feelings and daily routines. Somehow it happened that I was still working on it, a couple of lines were born in my head, and I sat down to the computer and sorted out the lines. My little son is in need of caring for children and technicians in my life, but for me he is the only dad to play and laugh with.
The book reveals the level at which the father is present every day, from diaper to anesthetic. But Dani has a little criticism.
- I can do everything he needs to do, but the lion's share of things are with my wife. Sometimes I feel like I should spend more time with my little son. It is true that we are in the air when I work, but it is not the same as when I control all my attention. I'm a little thoughtful and have fun. My wife has a much more practical set-up, admires how much she knows about the world, and then gives it to our son. This will give us a sense of rationality and a commitment to the arts. But we also agree with my wife that Misi can live in her own rhythm. Of course, the timing is fine, but basically you decide when you sleep, when you eat, what you would most like to do.