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Born! - An Absolutely Positive Birth Story The Birth Story of Diánna Nemeth-Kiss

Born! - An Absolutely Positive Birth Story The Birth Story of Diánna Nemeth-Kiss

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The only thing I asked my little boy to do was to give birth after February 22nd. In our own business, at that time, there was a very important meeting that I needed to attend, and it would have been difficult for my living room to make it happen.

For those of you in the know, we could even imagine having an online meeting between two people. First positive: my little son did what I asked him to do. You have decided to arrive on February 23rd. On a beautiful Tuesday morning, I woke up at exactly 5 o'clock at 30 minutes and went to the washbasin with boredom. I realized that something was wrong. Yeah, as if it was a little blood, it was pink. Yeah, it's really pink, and it looks like something is leaking. Megdцbbentem. There was no sign. I was on CTG the previous day, where I was reassured: "Mom, this kid doesn't want to fuck." Here you go. Light up, then wake up my son, "I think we're going to give birth." After that, I called quickly, who told us to wait two hours to see what would happen then. I'll be back to sleep anyway. Sleep? Who can sleep back then ?! By the time I laid down the cellphone, my brother had made the coffee, which we drank quietly, side by side. Sometimes we look at each other and then discuss how we might be born today. It is also a beautiful Tuesday. It was a long time ago, and then I felt something. To tell you the truth, I was always afraid that I wasn't going to realize I had to be born. That I'm not going to know that cappuccinos are really cinnamon cubs. Well, I have to reassure everyone who has doubts that they will not recognize their birth signs, rest assured: you will! Well it started. I watched the owl. Come in every 10 minutes. Tons of minutes? Can't it start, don't it start in minutes? Like I read this. I must have a bad look at the urb. Here's the next bunny. Yeah, that's really ten minutes. Lobsters are getting stronger.Oh, what did I learn in Yoga? Feeling cool, another position, it's eight minutes. Well, it's getting better. Now what? Only one urn has passed. Andi said I'd wait for two. Oh, I don't wait for two hours, I call - I spoke loudly to myself on the carpet as I moved forward, backwards, taking in the deep air. 6:30. Andi says let's go in so slowly, let's face it, because something's going on, there are cappuccinos. Okay, let's go, we'll just pack it up soon. Of course, not everything was put together. So, I did everything I needed to do: bathing, washing hair, shaving. My boyfriend was packing, gathering everything that was missing.8.30 We can start by the end. Oh, no. No diapers. It still has to be bought. And we have no food. It should also be taken. First Length of Childbirth - Let's just say we shouldn't hear! So it's quick to stop at the drugstore and the grocery store. Well, we have it all now. Megyьnk. As if it was getting dense. One more. But it only took 5 minutes. It can't be cobblestone - I think to myself. And one more. I look at my brother and wonder: Do you think we are entering the 5 minute period? Let's look at the street, for now. That's five minutes. Second positive: we are fast9:30. We've arrived at the town hall. They take me to a room where the bedside doctor examines him. Well, it'll be a baby here, he says. They said vocabulary and size, but all I said was that we were born today. Today you will have Benedict. Incredible. Feb. 23 Still not a bad date, all three of us will be February. Hurrб! The babysitter comes to the baby room, tells me they are giving birth to my husband, my baby, and my doctor. But in the meantime, settle down, calm down. If you need any help, please give birth. Five minutes alone. Great silence. Thoughts flutter in my head. We are born today. Now I'm starting to realize that there is no turning back. I'll be a mom today. Lastly, my son. There's a little shock on his face. He was going to have to wait for our lords to go to his living room. Well, she settled in, and she was born, "Daddy's coming, baby." Daddy's running, of course, and he's already there. Hold my hand. The kayaks are getting stronger, first a small pan of me: Oh, I forgot how to breathe. Here's the next bunny. I sincerely pick up the situation you are in for me. And breathe, together, cosily. We are talking between two brothers to be born, to be born.

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At 11:00 Andi's my birth is coming. Prepare, take action, see how we are. I've got three fingers. We're all over here now. Andi advises me to take a bath, the hot water helps. I didn't think you'd get in trouble, but it should be. A little weird. I'm sitting naked in the bath, next to my boyfriend and my baby. Fél уrбt ours so common. We talk nicely, laugh, sometimes I interrupt with a cubicle, and then my Black Doctor comes to my doctor. Slowly screaming at me. We'll get it out, I'll put it on, check it out. We're well on our way, he says, we'll be there for three. Hбromra? This soon? - I wonder.Third positive: the right environment, perfect help is next to me. From then on we were so. Lilacs coming, getting stronger. They move. The crouching beak is starting to come (I just called it). That's it, says Andi. This indicates that we are slowly entering the exit phase. And yes, the time has come nicely.I focus more and more on ourselves. Very strange sensation. It's a bit like being drugged. They don't value everything, you just focus on myself, Benedict and the cobwebs. Hey, really sorry. I can't concentrate on everything at once. Tell me to hold the air in, push down hard, hold my toe in between, and bend my head forward. But it doesn't work. Shorts are cobwebs and not so strong.Anddi helps, massaging my dick, constantly. Another bunny. Come on, focus! - I say to myself. But you can't. Upset. I feel like I can't give birth to Benedict. But yes! says Black Doctor. There is no other choice! Your head is here! There is no other way, we have to push it! Segнt. I'm getting some oxytocin. The cappuccinos are fine by the end and are a little longer. Then come on, press! Black doctor squeezes my stomach, my son holds my hand and my head, Andi helps me on the other side, and I concentrate on my traces. We do this a couple of times. Hey, that was good, we're two and we're - say. Two more? Oh, it's about to end, I'll reassure myself. Another hoop, another teamwork. And another hoop and another teamwork. And your head out! And he's out! Born and Head. Fourth Positive: You were born - as Doctor Black said - about three. At exactly 3:15 p.m. My first thought to tell you honestly was, oh, but hey, there will be no more pain! Put it on my chest. He pauses, whispers. Next to me is the little one whose eyes you see are tiny. A touching moment, a memory I will never forget. My son takes the leash. After a little while, Benedek will be taken down for examination, examination and dressing. I see you examine it. I'm starting to recover now. I ask: Is everything okay? The answer comes: perfect baby, we have it all. They're more relaxed and ahead of myself. The positive thing is: we have a beautiful, 53 centimeter, 2820 gram male.I'm happy. Because I couldn't have had the birth I was going to. Because my son was with me. Because Andi helped me so much and paid attention to me. Because my doctor encouraged me and helped me when I needed to. Because we were born together. We were both born together. We were a team in a tiny living room, fighting a goal.Pampers A Reliable Defense AppealRelated articles in parenting:
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