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Mom, you don't have to apologize!

Mom, you don't have to apologize!

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Why does almost every mom feel that she has to apologize if she behaves like a… child, not in the way she is described in the “social book”.

Don't scold us unnecessarily and don't apologize!

Many times I have been a witness, and even the birth of my first child is an active part of situations where the mother is embarrassed and excused because her child is not properly, appropriately, quietly, culturally, etc. behaves, but so does, so… just like a child.After a while I realized that it was no use to talk about the book for that reason. We eat in a public place, with a little boy next to me who drops the spoon, the napkin and everything he finds from the diet. Mom is very uncomfortable, and she explains "You see, Jeneke, the other little boy eats nice. You shouldn't behave like that!" Mom is embarrassed and says to her friends, "Oh, but there are a million of them playing at home." Mom says she shouldn't apologize to the other parents, "I didn't understand why she wasn't fucking, I told her a thousand times that she shouldn't filter the sand because she was a normal child." they work: in the nourishments, everyone is impressed by the effect of his / her movement (opens his / her hand, closes his / her hand) on the world around him / her; age-olds are in the age of booze, they want everything for themselves; and the sandy kid is fascinated with the text of things, eg. how the sand sinks, winds, how smooth, soft, warm, etc. And we parents feel embarrassed because our seedlings do not behave appropriately. But why should we behave like this? And why would we want to explain this to our environment? Plans for other parents who have gone through (or will go through) exactly the same about their own children. It's not that we want to teach and educate our children about good behavior, but that if we don't focus our attention on them, they focus on the world. It doesn't matter that the other parent is born to raise my child , but rather that I look at the kid, cuddling up to him, kindly looking into his eyes what to do. For example, "But you have an interesting feel for the sand, right? Just look at it to start with the hinges, how good you feel! "It would be much more important to speak like this, to set a good example than to have a common aura bubble with the child, rather than trying to apologize to others for the sake of others. It doesn't really matter what we focus our attention on, our energies.Don't worry about the disgusted look! Any parent in a pair of similar shoes will appreciate anyone who does not, his / her opinion should not be dull. At the very least, the personal development of your own child should be more important than explaining to others. Imagine how a child who has just leaned on the equilibrium he or she has felt and instead of trying to bring his or her mother back into a balanced state is dealing with being a stranger . It's like having a bit of a crazy taste for this thing: who is important to Mom now, and a personal experience at the end: ever since I quit apologizing to the world and to my children, I have never had a single point of communication. Or just haven't heard? I do not know. But the outcome is totally irrelevant.They may also be interested in maternity:
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