Why did a pregnant woman ask?

Why did a pregnant woman ask?

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Cucumber with marmalade - I think it is one of the safest signs of pregnancy if you are trying to eat it. What does science say today about the reasons for this special status? And what does a little baby say?

It is strange this state - one might say to a layman who is engaged in the study of the human race - is that for a moment the little mother can only eat, smell, smell, eat, eat, eat, . Today, science cannot answer the question as to why this is so.
Of course there are mysteries. According to one theory, the purpose of disgust is to protect the body from unwanted or potentially toxic effects, kнvбnуssбg its purpose, on the other hand, can only be to make sure that the pregnant mother needs what she is suffering from. If we observe animals' healthy eating choices, we can really notice something similar: they are able to select what we are going to have, and we need better publicity.

Irresistible bites: sour cucumbers and chocolate

However, part of this theory is contradicted by the fact that this form is also typical of people who are taking enough vitamin A for pregnancy. Certain foods may not be overwhelmingly claimed to contain vital nutrients or vitamins, on the contrary:
"With my first child, I ate instant mushroom soup day and night, even though it had to be steady in my bag. Thinking terribly! I didn't try to eat mushrooms before or after, because I immediately became biley." (Krisztina Gitidisz)

Once, once

"After my week of work in Véddhyn's work, and after the birth of my child, indicates a lack of something when someone is keen, and as soon as the amount of that particular substance in your body is restored, you may want to rest. During the first three months, the developing fetus uses so much nutrients that it may be desirable for a pregnant mother. Children also want this, sometimes they want, and are able to eat only one kind of food for a long time. "(Rita Szabu Bélбné Kecskemét)
Esther, a mother of children, says of similar experiences: "The baby with whom I had completed my pregnancy at 14 weeks because of a brain skull was interesting to know that broccoli, broccoli, is very important. with Hannah I really wanted the nipple, which is interesting that I hated it before.
I called a friend to tell me immediately how to cook a spit, because I've never done it, but if I can't eat right away, I'll die. After all, I love spinach, which I have never dared to eat before. "(Eszter Sch., Budapest

Top of the list

Gцrцgdinnye: extra-high water content, easy to digest, rich in vitamin B1
Strawberry: high in water, rich in niacin, vitamin B1 and vitamin E
Хszibarack: It is rich in vitamin B2 and carotene
Fruit in general: high in vitamin, dietary fiber and water
Fish: jude, selenium, polyunsaturated fatty acids
Ice cream, ice cream: rely only on guesswork: cold, that helps in case of nausea, high protein content, quickly raises blood glucose levels
Broccoli, kelp, nipples: folic acid rich greens
Almonds, oatmeal: high magnesium content
Chocolate: high in magnesium, zinc and minerals, quickly raises blood glucose levels
Pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut: abundant source of vitamin C, with significant amounts of lactic acid bacteria, which have a beneficial effect on the bacterial flurrybacteria of the digestive system, high fiber content
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