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In Szilles Élh, on Facebook

In Szilles Élh, on Facebook

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A woman of 35 years shared her birth moments with over 200,000 strangers. Sarah-Jayne Ljungstrom recorded in a Facebook Live video everything that happened to her in the church.

Sarah-Jayne Ljungstrom and baby

The amniotic fluid, the British, ran away Sarah-Jayne Ljungstrom went to the court. That's when he started the 24 Ursian Broadcasting. The video blogger also shared tips with her mum during the relationship - reports DailyMail. She stopped playing video at the moment of birth, but not long after her baby, Evelina born and back home, she started documenting the events again, with her baby in her arms.You can watch her videos! If you want to "go out" and have a baby, you will take the pictures again. It was quite natural for her to record her tiredness on video, as she was constantly logging out about her pregnancy. You think this can be a great help for others who can't even imagine what kind of parenting is. " not like in the movies, well, if others see what's true, "he admits.