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Szllavaty garden party

Szllavaty garden party

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Turn the last few weeks of being tired into a rest, recharge, even if it is difficult to stop work, and even harder to switch to a slower pace.

We spend the last two weeks alone, the hopeful wait for the honeymoon happiness. Let's celebrate our relationship with a romantic dinner or concert. Going out alone in the open air, a light outing, a pleasant walk, both of us are good for our health. We organize a garden party and a picnic with close friends. If everyone brings a long shot, salad, drink, it doesn't seem like a frustrating task. True, during the first few weeks after birth it is customary for visitors to receive a war, but now we can talk much more informally. Having a sense of being with our friends can also help you discuss who you want to help after your birth. This is most reminiscent of the pre- and post-wedding ceremony: a part of our lives is now closed, and not only a couple, but also a parent. It's happy to get baby stuff, get your baby set up, but let's not start working hard. When you make your living, you should also keep in mind that solvents from paints and adhesives are harmful and that they pollute the room for a long time. A restful activity for the last few days, making unique birth reports from pruned flowers, cross stitching or origam motifs. Let's start writing a diary, and then we can continue with the baby diary. We also practice the lessons learned in the baby tower at home, divided into more details throughout the day. Let's create a nice corner where we imagine we will breastfeed. Place the armchair, sofa, where you can sparkle in the clouds, in a tree in front of our window, or in the flowers in the window.