Need to Breastfeeding Breastfeeding? No!

Need to Breastfeeding Breastfeeding? No!

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Tips to prevent wounds and pain.

Breastfeeding without pain

It is wonderful to breastfeed a child, but mothers often experience pain in their nipples. Most people think it's natural and it does, but it doesn't have to be that way. Because pain is a sign that something is wrong. These are some ideas for preventing pain.

Gravity helps

Although the newborn's ability to breastfeed is innate, there are some who have difficulty learning this technique. There are babies for whom a minimum amount of help can be helpful. Pretend to lay the baby on your own in a supine position (hold it with your arms, don't slide it down), and put the little head on your breast. The baby's gonna be able to get out of here right now get used to where to look for breast milk springs.

Pick up the right position

Some babies have a harder time turning on their mothers' breasts than others, so we need to position and rotate the baby so that his or her mouth is perfectly aligned with the nipple. If you are breastfeeding, make sure your baby is close to your belly, your stomach is on your stomach, and your arms are supported. Make sure your nipple is above your nose, so if your baby opens his mouth, he can cup enough of itand so both of them will be successful in breastfeeding.

Finger in the mouth

If you are too attached to your tits and it causes pain, insert one of your fingers into your little mouth to come down and start again. However, this can be a bit confusing for the baby, because as soon as you start breastfeeding, you lift the tits off. Some people are so frustrated that they stop breastfeeding completely or they start to squirm. The best thing is to get the right position for you and the little one.

Watch out for the early signs of hunger

Breastfeeding is not pleasant with a nipple that is sore, so it is natural that you try to suppress rest between feeders. At the same time, if she is very hungry, the little one, less anxious and they even think they are more violent, and can do it again, even to cause more pain. It is wiser to swallow a big and swallow it.

Not all the pain is caused by a sore nipple

Although the majority of cases are yes, the pain may include soap, bacterial infection, inflammation, goiter, or Raynaud szindrуma causes. (This is a circulatory disorder that causes the breast to fade, but before it becomes white, the skin is tight and the skin is tight.

Is your tongue moving properly?

Make sure your baby can move the tongue up and down. If not, as soon as you take the nipple into your mouth, it will firmly squeeze it into the palate, causing you to inadvertently hurt you. If this is causing the problem, you should take the little one to the doctor, who will know what to do in such a case.

Use milk on a sore nipple

Do you crack, bleed, or nipple? Let a little breast milk rinse, so give it a try! Be very careful when using creams, but prescription ointments can also help in curing bacterial and fungal infections. Another option is to numb your nipple before giving it to the baby. We have a good news: breastfeeding luck fortunately They usually heal quicklyso you don't have to suffer for long if you have trouble.

Only with the nipple

Many people swear by its use, but others are really uncomfortable. Often they cause far more macerba than they do for good.

Let them rest for a while

If your nipple is bruised, or your head may be, anything that makes it worse. You can try the mussels, which may not only help you to catch the dripping milk, but are also very useful during breastfeeding, because when you wear it you can't touch the nipple and the skin doesn't feel good.

Get help!

Many people think that it is perfectly normal for the breastfeeding head, at least in the beginning. However, this is not true. If none of the ideas above help you to solve the problem, please feel free to contact for breastfeeding advice And ask for your opinion!These will also be useful: