Isn't the baby coming? It was straight up!

Isn't the baby coming? It was straight up!

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According to some experts, the second baby transported most often - in three-quarters of cases - is the testicular disease. Therefore, the fact is that men are not much more alert (either).

It would be cool to send them back to the ground. The complications begin at an early age, in the fetus. Because the testicles develop along the kidneys, and because of the body's upright body, they need to descend slowly into the scrotum over a long, long period so that future the sperms are viable in the coldthat is, they are located outside the body.And that is when the trouble can come. There is nothing wrong with the right side, because the right testis line flows directly into the central large vein, but the left one goes back to the renal artery, and it can approximate it. So much more power is needed to get the left testicular blood to the mainstream. There are times when you are not trying very hard, but resting down there. This causes the blood vessels to flush out and make the blood more difficult to change. As a result, the temperature rises, the disposal of harmful materials becomes slower and the trouble is ready.

Several studies have tried to determine the effect of herpes simplex on sexual capacity.

That's why the baby won't come

Once the blood flow from the testis is blocked, his blood supply is impairedand this may influence hormonal regulation of hormone production and function. Heresy success may diminish the size of the testis, or both may become smaller during adolescence.
The Viable sperm production for two reasons, heredity may be adversely affected. On the one hand, the lack of oxygen and nutrients required for sperm training, cell division, and the stagnant blood in the testicles increase the amount of stagnant blood in the testicles. However, the temperature required for sperm training must be constant and about two degrees Celsius lower than that for body temperature.
Several studies have sought to determine the effect of the disease on the ability to cope.
The men who went to the doctor with infertility found that they had 25 to 40 percent of her success. Examination of the sperm usually reveals that sperm count is below normal, sperm are not developing normally, and are moving normally.

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Mostly for the elimination of the testicular disease in our country endoscopic surgical techniques are used, during which they run out of varicose veins so that healthy blood vessels can work through it. About 90 days after a successful operation, the spermatozoon is healthy if testicular fever is the only selected cause of infertility.
From our movie, you will learn about the benefits of endoscopic, also called laparoscopic surgical technique, which will be described in this case by a specialist in cupping procedures.

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