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More cuddly, smarter kid

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Are you a parent who often spends time with your child? Then don't stop! Physical touch contributes better to the value development of the baby than we think.

Wake up your baby as often as you can

According to a survey the more times you treat your baby, the better your brain will develop - Tell The koraszьlцtt vizsgбlatba йs idхre involved szьletett kisbabбkat, I figyeltйk how to behave when megйrintik хket.Az idхre szьletett kisbabбk reagбltak better than the йrintйsre koraszьlцtt csecsemхk, йs showed brain aktivitбst not pusztбn йdesanyjuk kцzelsйgйre, but the love felйjьk fordulу kуrhбzi gondozуk irбnyбba too.Dr. Nathalie Maitre According to you, the role of body contact is invaluable to the development of the brain, so it is important to keep the baby in your arms as much as possible. If your baby is premature, you need more emotional support, to the weakness that the mole had given her before. This is what body contact can do for him. Love cow is very important for brain development. Therefore, hug your baby as many times as you want, and don't listen to the "good" councils that scream to catch him.Related Articles:
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