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High blood pressure in childhood

High blood pressure in childhood

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It is widely known what diseases and conditions are associated with high blood pressure in adulthood, which is the result of high blood pressure in adulthood. Fewer people know that hypertension occurs in childhood.

Even in childhood

THE childhood hypertension much less common than in old age. Every third adult in our country touches. Ninety percent do not find out what the real cause is, making it harder to cure. In contrast, the cause of high blood pressure in childhood can be found through careful medical examination, and the disease can often be cured.
In this case, the child does not have to take blood-depleting drugs for decades, which are both expensive and have a number of side effects. In recent weeks, many of our letters and phones have asked about high blood pressure in childhood, so we thought we would deal with it more.

Causes of high blood pressure in childhood can be easily determined

When high?

In the case of adults, we have a simpler task when it comes to defining the values ​​that literally mean hypertension. Generally, we maintain high blood pressure above 140 / 90Hgmm. In children, it is much more difficult to determine because blood pressure is age-dependent. For example, at 6 years old, 120 / 70Hgmm printers are already high! In the table below I have summarized the normal and abnormally high blood pressure values ​​in the function of age.
Age (йv)Normal (mmHg)High (Hmmmm)

The situation is complicated by the fact that in children who are above average or less, the normal blood pressure is still higher. Knowing this is important, because if you have "high blood pressure" in a chubby child, for example, it can be normal! In these cases, it is preferable to use height values.
During the past few months working in the nephrology department of the First Department of Children's Clinic on Bуkay Street, I have selected three pediatric histories related to high blood pressure, which are also common.

Бgnes and the "white coat effect"

Tired, completely uncomfortable girl arrives. He plays handball competitively, a third grade student at a high school in Pest. From your sports doctor's examination, your pediatrician calls you for a blood pressure of 145/85 mmHg because of hypertension. For all children with suspected high blood pressure, the first thing to do is to find out if their tension is really high.
You will receive a set of devices that continuously measure blood pressure through 24 ounces. You can take the dashboard home, just bring it back the next day. With the help of a computer, we erase the data. Fortunately, her blood pressure is completely normal. He is struck by the fact that he is always nervous when he is at the doctor, so it is no wonder that the pump goes up. This is called "white robe for effect", referring to the fact that the medical white robe is not a comfort to everyone.

Richбrd and the aristocracy

Richбrd цtéves. Your pediatrician tested high for blood pressure when he was examined for headaches. We have also confirmed this and found, by different modern examination methods, that Rick's left renal artery is narrow. The consequence of this shortage is a hipertenziуwhich can be eliminated in the near future by surgical intervention. This is important because it can prevent whole life blood pressure lowering therapy.

It is a serious individuality

I have already mentioned in the introduction that in nine cases of acute hypertension in adults, the cause has not been established. For children, this is the opposite. Nine of Tnz a careful medical examination will fix the problemthat can be completely cured. Of course, we also encounter a case where the specific factor selected is not found. It also has a significant excess weight and high blood pressure relative to height.
Possible causes (diarrhea, kidney disease, thyroid gland, and other hormone problems) were no different. Accordingly, Tamba's blood pressure belongs to the essential (unknown origin) group. In the category where the majority of adults decide. Obesity, diet, exercise, excessive consumption, and stress can all be accompanied by dietary advice, lifestyle changes, sports (primarily, and shopping).
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