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Beliefs and truths about co-existence

Beliefs and truths about co-existence

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Do you want to sleep with your baby or baby? You can say, don't do it. But we know parents who do this very much, and don't sin.

If you pay attention, you can sleep well together

Do we expose the myths and motherhoods of co-sleeping, and why did you choose for them? James McKenna, a professor of anthropology at the University of Notre Dame and head of the Sleep Laboratory, says co-sleeping is a good choice. What are some of the most common beliefs about co-existence? The expert said.

Myth # 1: Dormancy is dangerous

According to some, coexistence increases the risk of starvation. Well, if you sleep safely together, that's not the case. Not only does co-sleeping mean that you are sleeping with the baby in a single bed. It is possible to sleep in the same room with your baby, for example, by pushing the baby close to your bed, you remove the cramp from the contact side, and you can also make a baby pillow. Your baby may need help at any time, yeah, if you're there. If you have breathing difficulties, you can take immediate action ... It has not been scientifically proven that dormancy is dangerous. Of course accidents can happen at any time, as in any other case.

TEVI 2: None of your friends sleep with the baby

80% of breastfeeding mothers sleep together with their baby in some form. Don't believe that your child is the only one who sleeps in your baby.

Tvhit 3: You spoil the baby by sleeping with it

Coexistence is not what you get. Babies feel safe when their mother is close by. Whether you are sleeping together or just having your mother hold them in your arms. "This is how babies are designed, it helps their development. They depend on their mother," says McKenna.

Tvhit 4: A baby sleeping with his mother will never be awake

Studies have shown that sleeping children together they are less fearful and much more independentthan their sleeping companions. We want to have a baby very early on. Coexistence helps the child to become independent by responding to her mother's movements, reactions, and issued noises.

Tue 5: Coexistence makes your relationship with your priest

Cohabitation is not the reason why intimacy in your relationship ceases. If you blame the baby because you have a bad relationship, you are not paying attention to the bigger problems. Evening is decided before the baby arrives. And listen! Couples who sleep with their baby, to be creative in terms of when and where they can have sex - and that makes their sex lives more exciting and entertaining.

Tvhit 6: A child should sleep alone at night

One quiet, closed room why would you encourage a baby to sleep? Babies are holding their own. I want to hear and want to listen to the caring parent. This is the normal behavior of the part. If you lock your baby in a room alone, he or she will not learn anything about the world around him, which is now, first and foremost, you and your couple. Х Depends on you, learns on you.

TEVI 7: Parents who sleep with their babies are irresponsible

Society thinks it can come. in turn parents know what's good for them and their babywhat's safe for them, what's working and what's not. If you have tried everything, if you have taken all the safety precautions, but you still do not feel well, then listen to your urges. Coexistence may be a good solution for your baby and family.

I'm right about co-sleeping

Some parents shared with us, why they sleep with their baby and why they say, "I tried not to sleep with my baby, but after a while, we started to sleep, it is easier to sleep." so it was logical that I was going to sleep with my baby. I felt much more secure that there could be with me, unbelievable, how connected we are to this condition. "" I was breastfeeding my children who were always hungry. It was bad to wake up so many times Co-sleeping has helped me stay alive all the time, so I slept more, too. "" I have seven children, I slept with each of them. We slept better, so it helped the sleep. The baby was always close to my bed, so they couldn't roll or warm up. "" I like to sleep with my son. I feel much safer to be in a bed with him, to hear how he's breathing, to always know what's going on with him. "" I always said I would never sleep with my baby. But that's the only way I can sleep at all. And I love it! I think this is the natural way of sleeping, people start sleeping like that from the beginning of time. Unfortunately, feathers can happen in any condition. For the first 8 weeks I slept with my little boy, we all slept so much. Immediately, we put our wits to bed with us, and I fell back with my son. "" It was 18 months when we started sleeping with him. We feel safer if you have a fire, a burglar or anything. Plus we really enjoyed our mid-morning mornings and nights when we could be with her because my husband and I were very busy on the agenda. It has also uplifted our sexual lives that our souls are asleep with us because we had to be creative when it came to intimacy. "It depends on you how you choose. you can also see from the example, the most important thing is that it helps to bond between mother and child.Source: The Bumb
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