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Return, a little foolish

Return, a little foolish

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Comes in a sporty outfit with great zest. She thinks she's skinned, but as much as I am, I can't find the slightest trace of fatigue on her.

What is your second attraction?
So everything was so light - a model pregnancy, a model child - but now for three months I was sick. Ezъttal kisfiъt and we hope very much that, on this basis, not the opposite will happen. Baby kegging is obviously more strenuous with the second child. You have to do the same thing as before: cook, jump, go to the zoo, go to the playground. True, one is more cramped, but he has no choice. Sometimes I am so angry that I am afraid I make a sticker on it!
You look very energetic to me!
Luckily for me, the sick three after a month with an ounce accuracy elmъlt. I've been digging regularly two weeks ago, but now I walk a lot. After the renovation of the house, I go up to the third floor six times a day. Anyway, I don't think you should discard the shovel! It might be a bit of a middleman, but it's true: I'm pregnant, not sick. Everything can be done within the bounds of composure. And I should.
How did you find out you were a stranger?
Just like Emmanuel, in the fifth minute I knew that I'm pregnant, I sensed my body changes very soon. She was a planned baby, we were very crazy for her!
Would you like a boy or a boy? It turned out completely all the same volt! But it is also true that one can feel more secure when the little brother's sex is the first, because he or she has experience all the time.
How does Emma relate to her future little brother?
She doesn't know what she expects, how she knows. So far he was our only king, and a smart little girl, surely will wear it. This is something that every child has to process. I didn't force my brother, Emma had been with us once on ultrasound just when she found out she was a little boy. Sure, he wanted a hugit, but he soon found himself disappointed. Sometimes I come to kill my stomach all by myself and find that it has a keen interest in the baby: the other day, she couldn't break apart from a sibling for over a minute.
You said they were designed that way. Will the age not be too great?
I consider this and a half year old to be lucky as you will have the lehetхsйgem that when Emma is in kindergarten, I'm just a little girl, but when she comes home, I deal with her.
How long have we seen screens?
During my first visit to the eighth I worked for the day - I was last on the day of the Champions League decision - but now I've been switching to a "relaxed session" since the sixth. I had a very difficult summer because of the world-famous sports events - Olympics, Soccer Eb, often twelve, but I didn't want to make life difficult for my colleague by taking time off. The second child is more skeptical and I do not want to overwhelm the spectators. And I was very strong in finsecracker in est - I can't wait for the painters to come down and get my home back in order. And the Christmas gifts I have to buy already in October!
After Emma's birth, she worked for another year. How are you planning now?
It may sound strange, but it does csalбdbarбt I had a job with empathetic bosses and colleagues. And Emma was in good hands. I plan it in the same way, and we'll see what life brings.
How much did your husband take part in your child's activities?
For our baby mother of two there! He had been dealing with Emma from a very young age, insisting on taking part in everything. Besides Tom, I can always rely on the help of my sister, grandparents and my sister-in-law!
How did the changes in your life happen?
The process of changing your lifestyle is natural. If you get the right things in your youth - travel, party, love - you will naturally quench your interest. Anyone who has missed it may feel like the kid is depriving them of something. That's why you shouldn't have a baby, but have to think about it. I was pregnant at thirty-one, then I was already mature, and now I miss nothing in my life. All in all, we feel good about ourselves: two, three, with parents. We also have some free time: sometimes we go out together to a concert or to the restaurant, we're just entering one instead of dozens of times today. Emma is in Nagaslaw once every month in Balassagyarmat. In such cases, we always organize a big gathering that focuses on eating. My husband is very creative, always figuring out something interesting.
In the case of sports parents, the question is unquestionable: Will children also become sports?
Up to six years old semmikйppen I'm not going to compete with my kids. I raced, I know exactly what athletics is, so I only watch them in competitive sports if I like it. I take her to bed once a week - very much loves water. He's physically muscular, but he won't be a ballerina. We'll try skating and other sports, but if you don't like it, you don't have to go. I do not want to force my unredeemed dreams. I had a very happy childhood, but I don't know what a class trip is like, what a classroom is. I discovered the lands of Hungary only relatively late.
Are you worried or stupid, do you consider yourself a mild or loose mom?
Everybody's the first kid it is hot, so I had requests, overwork. To counteract this, I did not go to the internet but called my pediatrician when asked. I believe that world worship is the greatest thought that can cause great harm by elbizonytalanнt. I can't say that I was very stupid, but I was so consistent in making a child's agenda and liking all the food. Sleep was my comic strip, which came from my own self-indulgence, because I stick to the evening time. I am aware of my own limitations and also know that if we want to keep intimacy and happiness in our relationship, we need to spend time alone. And this can only succeed if system Let's get into our lives.
How has Parenting changed the most?
A lot of things have settled in me, in my life. For example, what is important and what is not, what is worth worrying about and what is extraordinary. A great deal of good sense of fear and affection moves into man. For me, one of the hardest things, and also the most difficult to handle, is to be in dangerous situations must be released - you know it might fall off your bed, but you can't always hold your hand exactly for that matter!