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Zalan's fourth month

Zalan's fourth month

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In our series, you will learn about the development, change and birth of a real baby every day. It is the newness of the month that Zalan has begun to have a baby.

Series of baby development
Frenreis Zalбn

Birth weight: 3800 grams
By the end of the fourth month: 5920 grams
Йdesanyja: Epres Judit Photo Model (34)
Йdesapja: Zoltán Frenreisz Lawyer, business (31)
Testvйrei: Benedek (9) and Бgoston (8)
Water Adventures
As we announced in December, Zalán began his athletic career. With big, round eyes, he admires the special sounds, lights and, of course, everything so wet. But that's not a bad job, let's read it off your face. Her mother planted it on the edge of the pool, then zutty, jumping into the water. Well, she's very surprised, but she's eager and eager to welcome her back on the water, and then she's in the water behind her mother's back, and finally after her scattered play. For the time being, I have neglected to dive into Judith's plans for the time being, for the sole purpose of controlling them is that they both feel good about themselves. There have been many changes in Zalange in the past month. Lying flat on her belly, she presses herself out loud and speaks loudly in her little baby tongue. It handles the held beak with two hands, but it clings to the faces when leaning very close to it. Starting to switch from daily to big sleep, though the formerly seemingly regular routine nowadays is often overwhelmed by the big programs. If they have to be asked for a training or other program, Zalan goes to childhood and adapts. Fortunately, it is not difficult. If you are tired, you will fall asleep, even when the conditions are unusual. He puts his tiny palm on his face, gets his thumb up, and even snoozes. Like many other babies during this period, she sleeps uninterruptedly at night from eight o'clock to six o'clock in the morning, then the first breastfeeding.
No accident tomorrow
Just as the big guys are pretty slow on the agenda over the changes, for a while, nothing seems to be happening and committing doesn't happen to us. They do a little routine bout and quarrel every day, but when they get things done, they play the biggest deal. They are mocking wildly, and they are germinating the little pug, who does not overlook this, and even laughs at Boston and Benedict. This laughter is all new, a month ago we only saw the typical, full-bodied "bumpy" smile! She loves to undress and caress Judit before bathing. This is also interesting because there was no shortage of caresses, but now the little boy has come to send me some feedback: thank you, this is very good, I love it! - says this loud laugh.
Whit weekdays
Judit is cooking every day at home, bringing the kids, and putting great emphasis on sitting down at the table all the time. This is where baby's activities come in handy. It all seems like a fagot, but Judit feels good about it:
"It feels good to take Zalan with me and reassure me that I can handle my tasks." The grandmother is keen to look at Zaln, but we are so grown up now! The other day we were in the cinema with Zoltan. Although I don't get bored, I feel like I'm not using my brain enough, maybe it would be better if I learned something. I went to college for commerce, but now I'm interested in psychology. I may also be enrolling in a Postgraduate Diploma.