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Personality development in infancy

Personality development in infancy

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We often use words like "delightful" or "willful" to describe young children. These definitions should capture the child's personality. In the following, you will find out how this is shaped in the first three years of life.

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The one man

Many people have tried to clarify the meaning of the concept of personality, but since it is a complex phenomenon, it has given rise to many definitions. What is certain is that we all know with certainty what this means on weekdays. One person's personality has two important signs. One, relatively dull, that is, the same man behaves similarly in different situations. People, personally, differ from each other, that is to say, each person is slightly different. These individual differences are created by people's different experiences in which childhood plays a particularly important role.

Children's temperaments

At first, you may be wondering if your child's personality is shaped only by the environment, or are there any personality traits your child has? There are indications that a child is carries certain personality traits from birth, and these will not disappear any more. These are the common features that really make me three. activity levelthat is, how much the child moves, plays or passes. THE a measure of friendship, that is, how open the toddler is, how easy he is to meet new people, situations. And finally Pattern of feelingsthat is, whether the little one is balanced or anxious. These seem to be born of us, and have created the first differences between babies. lightweight, slowly warming and heavy baby dolls according to how quickly they are able to adapt to their environment. The above traits are expressed in every human being, and the characteristics of temperament do not directly determine a person's personality. A common example of this is when in a social situation fewer toddler grown-ups almost immerse themselves in social life to overcome nausea.

Role of child and parent relationship

Because of the factors that are born to us, parents have the greatest impact on shaping the personality of a child. This realization has led to some detailed descriptions of some aspects of early childhood development by different authors. Among them, perhaps Margaret Mahler According to Mahler, birth in the psychological sense coincides with the onset of unity, which can be done at about two years of age. In your opinion, the baby is not open for the first two months of the month. This changes when the baby first smiles at the presence of her mother. By the age of ten, babies are increasingly turning to the world, with a central place in their relationship with their mother, touches, smiles, and communication. what we can do alone. Not only does his personality form the core of not only the ever-increasing sense of autonomy, but also the awareness that he can influence the world: he can go wherever he wants, he can play what he wants, but he can do it for himself. By the age of one, a toddler realizes that he or she is not capable of doing anything alone, but he or she has no desire for anything very close to his or her parent, as he or she has a relative core to his or her personality. Therefore, this period can be extremely difficult for parents, as the child does not want to be close to them. After two years of age, with the further development of mobility and language skills, the child will only be able to find the appropriate emotional distance that the mother is far from and far away from. This is when the identity develops, and the basic features of the person's personality, mother has some previous interaction patterns nyomбn.

The era of toddler three

Of course, the evolution of a person does not end in the second life. According to some researchers, it is worth reviewing the entire human life history from this point of view and defining the deciding eras. So it worked Erik Erikson also, who from the first years of life to old age has examined critically the critical stages in the development of the human personality. Among these, we drop our toddlers right now.The child develops in the first year of trust or the bizalmatlansбg. If others provide for their basic needs and the baby's environment responds appropriately, you will learn to trust. The most important task for a parent is to shape the baby's environment according to the needs of the baby, and to respond well to their needs. In the second year, the child develops цnkontrollja. If you allow yourself to develop within your steady and predictable behavioral limits, you will not survive all the acts and doubts of a child in the first place. They do not simply want to be independent, as in the racket, but they have concrete ideas of what they want to do. If they cannot do this, they can blame them for their wakefulness of guilt. In this case, it is the parents' responsibility to help their child to realize his or her ideas, encourage perseverance, and praise him or her.

Baby Personality Development - Summary

The development of the personality of a toddler is a complex process she has been told by numerous researchers. Among these, some well-established, already widely accepted, ideas have been presented, in the hope that parents will be able to better understand their children and use their results for their own benefit.Related Articles:
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