Now who brings the gift? ”The psychologist answers

Now who brings the gift? ”The psychologist answers

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Many families are undergoing a serious transformation, whether Jesus or Michael is in the family legend. What does the psychologist say?

Do you have to write a letter to Mikuláš or to Józus?

The question is very simple: should Jesus be in the family? My three-year-old girl will think for the first time that she will truly celebrate Christmas. He didn't speak last year, I don't think he really appreciated the buoy. But now the inquirers are in it, he is very interested in what. I'm tempted that Jesus bring in the gifts, but my brother is a little disappointed.
The real problem is that we are thinking of grown-up head on Jesus and Michael. The Iron Man, the Seven-Seven, Rumcajs, Sss are not interested. We, as adults, accept them as fairy tales and are not embarrassed by fairy tales. We only get in trouble if our child dreads under our duvet, draping in his closet. To say that there are no Ursians is hopeless. We can succeed if we compete with the veil in our own midst: we'll be enchanted by some magical word, or we'll filter out the scary stuff in the room. For a child of three years of age lives in a magical world day and night. It senses that the cocoa is warm, the sun is falling so that we can sunbathe, the sun is cloudy. Wonders, "Yours" and "Bad" keep them around. It is better for a dear parent to cling to them: amidst magical creatures, an absolute power half-god. Among others, we have a terribly responsible responsibility for every word you drop, which is a funny turn. The kid will believe that we will give it to the mummy if he isn't good. Even if it's funny. The child does not learn the magic world. No matter how materialistic his parents are, he is sure to undergo this exciting, adventurous phase of development. In this world full of talents and wonders, Mikuláš, Jesus is not even more noticeable! Just as we can't easily dismiss our kindergarten in the wardrobe, so we can't just spell it out of our miracles. Where do you make Santa Claus come for Christmas in American movies on December 6th? How are successive different cards made up of: a purple in the cost center, a janitor-like voice in the ovis and a grandparent's home? All the while until you reach the next level of development. By the age of six, the age of abstract thinking is coming, logic is slowly gaining power, wondering how Santa can reach all children in a single night. From then on there is no stopping. With Santa Claus down, parents can help the child by telling the true story of Michael the Bishop and telling him: Mikulбs-hagyomбny is a form of revelation of love Mikulбs-krнzis it does not impress children better than any other change, development and maturity. The point is that everything happens in its own time. Let the little kid live in the fairy tale world, let him enter the realm of the senses for school.
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