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Breastfeeding: More Than Feeding

Breastfeeding: More Than Feeding

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There was a special demonstration the other day: The film palace came together to expose a group of pregnant moms together to publicly breastfeed each other and their fellow natives to take a natural, open-minded approach.


Hungarian mothers also joined the Canadian Breastfeeding Challenge, a Canadian initiative that aims to breastfeed more than one mum all over the world at the same time. As part of the campaign, on Saturday, October 2, Twenty Moms came to the Corvin Film Palace to join in on public breastfeeding. On a chair, sitting on the ground, amidst childbirth, photographers started cross-feeding at 11 o'clock. There were some who kept the little one discreet, carry-on, bouncy or a bodyguard, but there was also someone who could visibly bribe her baby.
The unusual demonstration aims to support and shame mothers who would like to breastfeed their baby out of the house, but also fear the disapproval of breastfeeding in public. But - let's just say - it's a natural thing, just like adult food, and wherever and whenever a baby needs it. Although there are baby-friendly shopping centers and institutions, but breastfeeding mothers and children are not always welcomed. I know of a restaurant where a comfy armchair was set up in a quiet corner, hiding in the shades of a tree, but it was also the case that a baby was raised in a coffee shop to breastfeed her child. Inquiries quickly revealed that opinions were quite divided on this request.

"I also offer my office"

I asked the manager of a large Education Center how she could help if a mother wanted to breastfeed her baby during a multi-family event. "It happens more than once and we don't care about it," he said. "Of course, we would never go to the toilet, but we would open the chamber or a room to him, even as he offered the office as long as he fed the little one. However, a biological thing, but it belongs to no one but the mother and her child. the sixty-year-old family director of the family.

Creamy eroticism?

A warrior baby, they will be overwhelmed by the notion that infantile adherence to strangers' bare breasts in front of strangers is paralleled by public sex: bodily love is also beautiful, of course, on the go, you have to see a couple of thinning, merging.

"At home many times I was forced to breastfeed on the ground, running to the toilet because it was not a good place to do it. because when my baby was hungry, I couldn't tell him to wait for patience because I don't fit breastfeeding. I think breastfeeding is a natural thing. "

Probably the secret is in the way of things: breastfeeding is considered a useful, beautiful, natural thing by humans, but the process itself does not want to be witnessed, because it is a purely bodily, bodily, . Being overwhelmed generally does not like being warned about our biological determination; nor, in the rarest cases of people without direct concern, do you hear about pregnancy or birth - for most people, breastfeeding is included.
A pregnant woman may say that breastfeeding is not erotic, does not provoke desire, since it performs another function, but for strangers it is not so simple, and for the sake of respecting the mother " tйtele. For example, the Mid-Century Laszlo, according to her own admission, is a great friend of beautiful women's breasts, but she would be wary of explicitly accepting breastfeeding, a "other function", unwittingly. "The mother, the child, and at most her father, does not belong to anyone," he says.

It can also be discreet

La Leche Liga, a non-governmental organization promoting breastfeeding, gives good advice on how to discreetly carry out this activity. There are many small tricks you can use to help your baby get breast milk in time, even if they are not staying at home due to any healing or other activities. The mother's outfit, a little plaid or pullover, a baby-friendly kangaroo or waistcoat, a diaper or a lightweight cloth, and, of course, tactile distraction can be avoided. Discretion, taking into account the feelings of others, always works well, and according to experience, it awakens people's helplessness faster than a rights warrior ...

You lose your intimacy

At first, I thought it depended on age and family status, but who did it, but it wasn't. For example, Kata, a 27-year-old mother of two and a disgruntled mother of breastfeeding, disagrees with the public. Not so outrageously - though the bar does not look upright on the naked body - but rather because she regrets the loss of intimacy between mother and child.
Anna, her one-time single girlfriend, also agrees: Breastfeeding is seen as an intimate, wonderful, two-way relationship that goes far beyond simple feeding and that is, as far as possible, avoided by the presence of strangers.

Changed demands

"But have we always solved how this problem has come about before?" asks Greta, a mid-century mother of three with three children. Probably a change in the lifestyle of the family also contributed to this. Today, for example, it is not natural for a toddler to have a "home" at home, on the contrary, even with the youngest, they travel, vacation, go to programs.

Members of the editorial board were overwhelmed by the topic, but everyone agreed that there was a need to provide space for this mother, as baby was a basic requirement for breast milk.

Opinions are also divided on breastfeeding: while generations of breastfeeding have been followed for a generation, "breastfeeding for the needs of the child" is becoming more prevalent and less predictable.
It is easier for you to get through, negotiate, charge, etc. breastfeeding in an inappropriate place. The duration of breastfeeding has also been delayed, as it is not uncommon for a child to be breastfed up to two or three years old today, so it can happen that the playground, the sandy child, and the children themselves ".Let's talk! In her chat, thousands of like-minded expectant moms turn up every day, who have the same experience in public, and about breastfeeding, publicity, or hesitation. What do you think about that? Let's talk about this open topic!