Blind: this is how much the tubers cost this time

Blind: this is how much the tubers cost this time

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Friday is the end of the 2018/19 class, and the mid-month and a half-month summer break will begin for almost a million general and high school students. Over the course of the year, many students will spend part of their holiday in the camp.

Based on this year's forecasts, last year's record will be broken, with more than 215,000 children expected to be recruited.Tуth Bйla, the leader of www.taborfigyelo.hu with MTI, said that the number of growing children was also responded to by the organizers, and where possible, new turnarounds were initiated, as the price was published in March. we were able to put candidates on the waiting list. With the launch of the new tours, children who have not yet booked are also given the chance to get the best pitches. It has to be noted - he explained - that the huge demand, that is, the increased number of recruits, has also led to an upturn. So you have to pay more than one percent on a vacancy this year than last year, the average cost of a sunbathing plant is 35 thousand, while the average cost of taking a sunbathing plant is 50 thousand forints. Vacations begin on Fridays According to a review published on the portal, the most popular platform in 2019 is the sports, even English and IT tied for second place in the podium. In the third place were the increasingly dynamic skill development guards, which were followed by the military and military defense and adventure guides. It is interesting to learn that more and more hungary in Hungary or extreme tubfor which demand is steadily increasing.In the geographical distribution, the leading position, like in the previous year, is still owned by Veszprém County, while the other two are the Pest and Fejér counties. It can also be said that the highest concentration of sunburns can be observed in Budapest, but it can be stated that in the larger towns, county Children, young people are invited to participate in this year's 72 camps with nearly 2200 participants. Starting in mid-June, they offer horse-riding, long-distance and patronage workshops in thematically organized multi-day troops, as well as youth work and traditions. Not only will they gain insight into the topics they choose, but they will also acquire physical education, field skills, and knowledge that they can use in their daily lives.
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