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He lives alive who sunbathe, but only if he protects his skin

He lives alive who sunbathe, but only if he protects his skin

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While we are undoubtedly hearing a lot about the fact that sunburn can cause skin and cancer to develop, sunbathing seems to last a total of more than three years.

According to staff at Karolinska University in Stockholm, even though there are no warnings about the harmful effects of sunbathing, there is no point in completely avoiding the strongest source of natural light. Because if we never go out for the day, it is worse than smokin 'and all in all, it does more harm than good - experts say. More than 30,000 twice as much currency will be alive 20 years less than their far-flung counterparts.
Participants were asked about their sunbathing habits throughout the research year by year, or other lifestyle features - such as. smoking - was also of interest to researchers. It is clear that sunburns are less likely to be sick, their immune systems are stronger, and so they are 20 years less alive.
However, experts also note that this does not mean that proper sun protection can be avoided: a minimum of 50 factor sunscreen is needed from early spring until late autumn.
Research published in the Journal of Internal Medicine concludes by noting that the day should not be completely avoided, but that proper skin protection is needed.