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Superheroes take care of the kids

Superheroes take care of the kids

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SOS Children's Villages is launching a unique campaign to promote the education profession.

In their films, superheroes save the most served children who do not really have the superpowers, just provide a caring and safe family background for dramatic children:

Parents provide a home for children, especially those who are particularly hard-pressed for their family. There are currently 5,500 educators in the country, including 70 within the SOS Children's Villages. However, much more superheroism is needed, since January 1st, 2014, all children under the age of 12 need to be placed. While SOS Children's Villages cannot conditions in children 's homes and in foster homes.
At SOS, children live in friendly homes with loving parents - mostly mothers but more and more couples with children. Kids are getting more development programs, tools, and cultural programs from SOS to get a chance to suck up things they've missed out on.
"There will always be difficult children who, because of family conflicts, tragedies, sickness or poverty-related risks, need help from an adult because their parents cannot support them. the children will calm down, get new opportunities, and if they have the opportunity, return to their bloody family or spend a longer time with us, "said Lilva Szilvbs, a professional manager at SOS Children's Villages.
Launched on April 17th, the campaign is reminiscent of the world of children and their parents, who are the young ones to look up to. SOS aims to improve parenting and to do more to entice difficult children to stay for shorter or longer periods.