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Poplar And Insecticides - Should You Take It Seriously?

Poplar And Insecticides - Should You Take It Seriously?

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There is nothing more annoying than when we are vacating a vacancy at a waterfront vacation spot thanks to a mosquito. In addition, other insects can disrupt the holiday, which can be not only unpleasant but also dangerous.

Both in children and adults, an allergy to the insect gland, or poorly treated, can lead to serious consequences. So the request arises, what should we do if our child is bitten by an insect?The most common are Nystrons szъnyogtбmadбsok, but can be really dangerous for wasps and lips. The problem at this point is that we do not know whether our child is allergic to the insect or not. This is coming to light soon. For adults and children who do not experience any symptoms immediately after the attack, there is little to do.
It can be a cool solution to put an ice cube on the wound, because in this case, there is less drip, also cool, and slower thawing. You may also be able to smear the drip with some anti-histamine (anti-allergy) cream. Be careful not to leave your full body inside, as it may catch fire.

Anaphylactic shock - frightening and dangerous

The problem begins when we lose symptoms in the child that are not directly related to the pinch location. For example, your face may become flushed or cheated, your body may swell, or you may start drowning or fainting.
Unfortunately, there is one allergic reaction, which is a syndrome that can be a problem for more than one organ system, and what its name is scary: anaphylaxis shock. "This allergic reaction is most often triggered by mumps or wasp, but can also be caused by medication or food," says Dr. Csilla Csilla, an allergologist. "Symptoms can move across a wide spectrum, characterized by sudden swelling of the face, blood pressure, circulatory problems, or maliciousness. allergic reaction let's not call home pharmacy drugs, but call an ambulance immediately! "
Of course, as long as you have not been bitten by another insect, you will not know how your body will react to the filter. This is why you should keep in mind that in the event of such a small accident, you should not call outside help, as in severe cases this allergic reaction to cessation of breathing, or lead to circulatory collapse.

Poplar And Insecticides - Should You Take It Seriously?

Attention and discipline

At the same time, Dr. Csilla Csákki reassures everyone, there is no reason to panic since there is a relatively rare allergic reaction. Although there is no way to prevent it, there is much we can do to avoid it with due care and discipline. "If someone has undergone an anaphylactic shock, he or she will usually receive a medication from his or her doctor that he or she can always carry with him or her. It is self-injecting and is adequately instructed in its use.
The allergologist also emphasizes that pay close attention to the list of additives in foods sensitive to peanuts, eggs or milk, because it is sensitive to anaphylactic shock. And one more important thing! Emergency vaccinations should always be given to your child in a specialist clinic, so any allergic reaction you may have to the active ingredient can be of immediate help. It is easy to know that there is a pre-packaged injection containing adrenaline. It can be used by everyone, there is also a dose of children that can be used at any age, and is designed for exactly such unexpected situations. It works like a pencil, it does not require any health examination. In any case, consult your pediatrician for accurate instructions for use. You may also be interested in:
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