Hozzбtбplбlбs? Don't be a problem!

Hozzбtбplбlбs? Don't be a problem!

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We are not alone - it can be an important sensation for any problem with your child. Young women share their experiences with nutrition.

In our parenting series, babies' diets are a matter of deciding which foods to use when and when to add to your baby's routine, we give you good tips on how to make them, and of course, experienced moms. In our infant nutrition series, we have listed what and when a baby can get, as it is worth discussing when it is important not to consult a pediatrician. In the following, we deal with the mother-of-a-child's story - because it can be a scary or distressing situation, it usually helped to know that something else was done, in fact, most of the time, there is a solution. sent letters I gave it to my son. Cumisьvegbхl. He just licked. When we came over this in just a few weeks and was willing to take more human quantities, I thought I'd shame the cannula. Dating was noisy and failed for a while. in the child's mouth, and if he was just tired of what he was given, then the little one on the ground often did the big book in the open. Barbi was really upset after the first 3 weeks, but an experienced mom encouraged me don't give up. Over time, of course, the order settled, it turned out to be what tastes like for the little ones, and with the cannula, it gets better.

Don't be scared if your baby doesn't eat!

Of course, tool usage is only one of the problems. Kati has told me that since their first child everything went very, very simply, "as she puts it." So, the second child is worth the surprises. "My great granddaughter, Bori, has eaten like a military officer. Everything, first of all, little more, and I think there was nothing that did not work for her. Aliz is practically he rejected everything. It licked. And then nothing. We checked again, but again we almost got a few drops. So it went on for weeks. I was very desperate, "explains the mother of a 5-year-old baby girl. Alzz went on to make fruit and greens after a couple of weeks, but she didn't want to buy much or more. you got the advice, calm down, be patient. "It wasn't easy. I watched the kid's every move, wondering what he was feeling, when he was asking for more. However, the time was right for the others. many times to eat together, the whole family. And once the news broke, he started to catch up with the age group, "says Kati, who adds that it was very difficult, and of course it would be much calmer today to think about it again, it's normal for a lot of moms to be impatient at this point, "he says." The only problem is that the child keeps it. Everything is preservedand this is easily considered a vicious circle. I get stressed out on the meals so they'll be restless too. So, really, my best advice for moms is to try to stay calm, trust in their instincts, and listen to your child's feedback. "
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