Degrees of high blood pressure

Degrees of high blood pressure

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Not everyone is aware that they have optimal and high normal blood pressure as well as that there are grades within high blood pressure.

Degrees of high blood pressureDr. Kapocs Judit PhD, a specialist in high blood pressure and blood risk at the Buda Cardiocentric Center placed different blood pressure values ​​on a scale.

The American shift is aimed at high normal values

Many have noted the recent change in the definition and treatment of high blood pressure according to the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology, two of the largest American professional organizations. This is the first major change in the recommendations for the last 14 years. the blood pressure of 130/80 will also be high, as opposed to the rest of the world at 140/90. The purpose of the change is that doctors do not warn high-blood pressure patients, but already warned patients about the dangers of high blood pressure, and that they have to change their lifestyle before.
- 130-139 / 85-86mmHg is considered a high standard blood pressure. This is why it is worth emphasizing in particular because the US recommendations have in fact focused only on these values. That is, they did not say a new one, since so far we have listed values ​​below 140/90 within the normal range, but we have already distinguished 3 groups within the range. This is the high standard group that American cardiologists will be paying more attention to today, says dr. Judit Kapocs, PhD, specialist in high blood pressure and risk in the Cardiovascular Center of Buda.

Degrees of blood pressure

The following is a list of professional Hypertonia guidelines from 2015 onwards. The first values ​​are for systolic, the second values ​​are for diastolic blood pressure and are in mmHg.Optimal Blood Pressure: <120 and <80
Normal blood pressure: <130 and <85
High Normal Blood Pressure: 130-139 or 85-89
Grade I mild hypertension: 140-159 or 90-99
Subgroup - borderline hypertension: 140-149 or 90-94
II. Grade moderate hypertension: 160-179 or 100-109
III. grade severe hypertension:> = 180 or> = 110
Isolated systolic hypertension:> = 140 and <90
Subgroup Limits for Isolated Systolic Hypertension: 140-149 and <90Much variation in guidelines has been suggested by cardiologists that it is not necessary to lower blood pressure to 120/80 - this is also worthwhile for patients. People in the high normal range, on the other hand, need to be aware that the lower ones are more likely to have hypertension than the people who have the optimal and normal range values. And isolated systolic hypertension means that only the first values ​​are high - as is often observed with aging and severe cerebral calcification.

Individual values ​​should be targeted

Dr. Kapocsi Judittуl, the Royal Kardiokцzpont magasvйrnyomбs йs йrkockбzat specialistбjбtуl megtudhatу to high vйrnyomбsrуl beszйlhetьnk only if tйrben йs idхben egymбstуl elkьlцnнtve ellenхrizzьk the vйrnyomбst, йs web link it to the rest vйgzett бllapotban legalбbb kйt, hбrom mйrйs sorбn the vйrnyomбs йrtйke 140 / 90mmHg or higher. Then it would be important igazбn kivizsgбltatni magunkat.A kivizsgбlбsnak but not kizбrуlag szorнtkoznia the vйrnyomбsmйrйsre the laborvizsgбlatoknak, 24 уrбs vйrnyomбsmйrйsnek, the ECG has йs mбs kiegйszнtх vizsgбlatoknak the role that the organization kardiolуgus felmйrje бllapotбt, megбllapнtsa, has caused after all, the problem with high blood pressure is one of the following. - Ultimately, it can be long-lasting to have good results if you adjust your goals to the individual's status. These values, as well as the treatment components - such as life-style and potential drug treatment - should be periodically reviewed and adjusted as necessary. That's why it's important for patients to be aware of the importance of regular controls, says Dr. Kapocs.Related articles in High Blood Pressure:
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