Matatoufal for the little ones

Matatoufal for the little ones

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It's not easy to tie toddlers. A good idea - and not just for boys - is the mat wall.

Key, chain, screw, zipper, latch, button switch. The little ones always need what's great, even though many of the games that adults think are interesting to their parents are always more exciting. matat wall or matat tablethat your little ones can go to, so maybe we won't get them out of our hands to hide in a place where we'll never find them again.

It's more of a mat than a hound

Egйszen repository directory we have these games, we can make a board that is thematic, let's say we only have handles on the surface. You can press it, open it, pull it, you can make a knock on your breast. In the same way, you can make a table where everything can be moved: you can turn the wheels small, make a chain, press a horn. You can fit smaller instruments, like xylophone, with a glowing glow button, and cut a sink into the surface, where you can put your fingers or an object to the end. The essence of moving, glowing, buzzing, coloring and interesting, deciphering.
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