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Rejected the Anti-Vaccine Review by the Constitution

Rejected the Anti-Vaccine Review by the Constitution

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It cannot be questioned on a constitutional basis that vaccines serve to enhance the resistance of the human body to infectious diseases and to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

The Constitution has examined the request and rejected an anti-vaccine complaintwho, among others, relied on the misery of conscience and freedom of religion.Rejected the Anti-Vaccine Review by the Constitution The Constitutional Court rejected a constitutional complaint that the body should uphold and disapprove of any decision to uproot a child's deception. The decision states that "the obligatory the right of parents to education may be restricted in the absence of a valid reason for denying access to vaccinations. "- Adds Index.Also, if parents seriously threaten their children, refuse to co-operate with the authorities, raising a child out of the family may also be considered as constituting a constitutional principle. And the child is entitled to some right to care, and he or she is, first and foremost, the family and, secondarily, the state.
The decision was made on a case-by-case basis, which cannot be fully disclosed because the petitioner requested anonymity from the Constitution. The beadvбnyozу say what I kнvбnta Alkotmбnybнrуsбggal that the rights contained in the alaptцrvйnyben, нgy the szьlхk conscience йs vallбsszabadsбghoz, tovбbbб gyermekьk csalбdban valу neveltetйshez fыzхdх right sйrьlt when the illetйkes hatуsбgok next to the child csalбdbуl tцrtйnх kiemelйse dцntцtt.A szьlхk elutasнtottбk the vйdхnхi szolgбltatбsokat, нgy kцtelezх йs of the free vбlasztott oltбs also beadбsбt 2015 szьletett gyermekьk esetйben.A hatуsбgok йs according to kйsхbb these vizsgбlу bнrуsбgok бllбspontja by the szьlхk consciously kivontбk gyermekьket lбtуkцrйbхl the egйszsйgьgyi йs gyermekvйdelmi bodies kontrollбlhatatlannб vбlt egйszsйgi бllapota the child's unique physical And its literal development for the Hungarian state. Not only as an individual, but also as a threat to society. There is also a public health side to refusing vaccinations, and parents have argued that whether or not the indivi- duals are freedoms.Noha the Alkotmбnybнrуsбg a 2007 dцntйse you have already megбllapнtotta that vйdхoltбsok kцtelezхvй tйtele sйrtheti conscience йs vallбsszabadsбgot certain mйrtйkben, as szьlхktхl deprived of the right that meggyхzхdйsьk alapjбn dцntsenek gyermekьk neveltetйsйrхl, while testьlet also ruled that the vйdхoltбsok kцtelezхvй it is an important tool for the prevention of drugs. The AB has also made it clear in the past that all children should receive vaccinations so that they do not carry the virus or bacterium and do not pose a threat to the community. So he clearly prioritized community interests over individual rights enforcement. The AB also stated that the child should be protected by the state even against his parents. He also kimondtбk that the child can csalбdbуl valу kiemelйse alkotmбnyos, бm the hatбrozat йrtelmйben not bьntetх intйzkedйs, but the child vйdelmйt, veszйlyeztetettsйgйnek megelхzйsйt йs megszьntetйsйt the hiбnyzу szьlхi gondoskodбs pуtlбsбt szolgбlу eljбrбs.A kйrdйs azйrt also very idхszerы because ъjra kanyarуjбrvбny not only in the United States, but also in Europe, vaccination is gaining ground, and propaganda is without any difficulty on the part of the community. After Youtube, Facebook recently announced that it would fight the anti-vaccination movement. According to the WHO, vaccination may soon lead to a worldwide emergency.Related articles in the field of vaccination:
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