Plan Your Birth!

Plan Your Birth!

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It is difficult to decide on something that we do not yet know, and which is also quite unpredictable. Again, we encourage you to focus carefully and summarize your needs.

If you want a baby in the water,
you have to find the establishment,
where is the opportunity!

Is it a desirable parenting program? And the inn is a hotel? - It's a bit of an annoyance for doctors who don't approve of birth plans. Think of it as one that comes from medical requests and decisions, and that all health institutions have a functioning order that cannot be harmed. After all, what would a hospital do if everyone there could do what they want ?! There are also nurses who, on the basis of other plans, reject the birth plan. It is believed that it will be extremely disappointing if the contents of it are not corrected. In our opinion, it is better to approach the birth less systematically, as anything can happen.


However, there are also many parents who consider the preparation of a parenting plan a very useful, forward-looking idea. On the one hand, you can find out exactly what your mother's preferences are, how much she has learned, what's important, and what's insignificant. If the plan is completed in time, it will also be clear whether the doctor and the patient fit together, or vice versa, both of them are better off losing their lives. Of course, you can talk about everything at your orders, but if you record it in the open, you can always remember exactly what you are talking about.

We wrote it down and discussed it

When anxiety and childbirth begin, so much excitement, or fear, is that many things are probably forgotten about, or the unfortunate case that the doctor makes a difference. However, if the baby and the doctor are in the hands of a pre-agreed, agreed-upon version of the plan, the expectant mother or couple need not always refer to it. They can pay attention to what they need in this situation: the baby, the process of getting along, and the enduring of the trials.

What do you need for it?

- The baby must be involved in the process of labor and birth, that is to say, at some level, what she is expecting. Even if you are familiar with the practice of the chosen hospital, it does not count as a punishment to the contrary.
- It's a good idea to take part in a parenting hospital course, a room visit, and tell you anything you don't think or find strange.
- Where there is no such course (or where it is, but the mum is also interested in other points of view), there is a choice of institutional arrangements.
- There is also a form of preparation that is completely web-based, in the form of regular newsletters or personalized emails.
- Your solution could be a Pregnant Magazine and reading monthly issues, as every month there are 15-20 pages about baby crawling and birth, with new and up-to-date information. - Our parent search engine makes comparisons between hospitals easier, you can gather a lot of information here!
- It's very useful to talk to other mothers, mothers and partners. How excited were you with your doctor, your nurse, your hospital, and what conditions did you get home for your bloodshed?
Of course, all stories and opinions must be dealt with with sufficient distance. We are not the same, which is disgusting to one of us, and perhaps the other one would not notice.
With this information you can create your own plan. Read what you can decide!