Prepare for Christmas when you have a baby

Prepare for Christmas when you have a baby

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Going for days on perfect deals, whitewashing the last curtain rings, and staggering on a lavish menu - if you are small in the family, it's time to give up.

Prepare for Christmas when you have a babyInstead of overworking ourselves, it is worth slowing down and focusing your energy on your loved ones. What to keep in mind for your holiday to be the smallest - no fuss and no accident? The most important thing is to develop your baby in the first few years after the baby arrives between our family traditionsand the holiday season for the tiny number not the anxious parents but the Completing the Good report. For him, the conditions and the externalities are also decisive: the little Christmas tree is just as magical as the pine tree on the ceiling, and we have to make the best of the best hands. Just keep opening up her hand every day sajбt kйszнtйsы advent naptбrunk windows barkбcsoljunk-fold egyьtt dнszeket and the larger ones you have already in the kitchen sьrgйs-forgбsba besegнthetnek.Hogy elkerьljьk small napirendjйnek felborнtбsбt, йs jбrу the rokonlбtogatбssal nyыgцskцdйst, prуbбljuk at home, familiar kцrnyezetйben tцlteni the first saints. Of course, donations can go awry in a larger family circle, but we can safely give up on the big cleanup, and no relative will put your finger on the windows. When it comes to cooking, it is not a mistake to ask for mediums - grandmas are sure to help, so do the soups, the dishes, or just the flesh.Dr. Karoliny AnnaAccording to the infant and pediatric gastroenterologist of the Czeizel Institute, it is imperative that menus are prepared with variations that are in the order of the delicacy. - From some classic delicacies - Depending on the age - You can still poke, but by no means avoid junk food or spicy food. 8-9 month-old babies can feed on poultry and off-fish - preferably in the oven-baked version instead of oil. The casserole and the vegetables cooked in the broth can be tasted by the little ones, while the 9-12 months old can get acquainted with the fish with the minimum fat, and the chestnut and starch. You should include steamed rice, green peppers among patties. The specialist does not recommend consuming allergy-rich beige, chocolates, salads and honey-based foods within 12 months. - Filled cabbage should only be over one year old, assuming that the cabbage is made of winged flesh. Even the traditional New Year's Eve jewels - lentils, sausages - should only be given to the bigger ones! The safest thing to do is to make baby-friendly treats that you already know and love, so be sure to avoid the stomachs and diarrhea that surround the holidays - warns the expert.Related articles about Christmas:
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