We would bring in the six-week postpartum control for the third week

We would bring in the six-week postpartum control for the third week

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For a very long time, women returned home from the hospital after giving birth, knowing little about the physical, mental and social challenges they were expecting. Recent recommendations, however, suggest that physicians should pay more attention to the "fourth trimester".

For example, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) says, for example, that a six-week post-natal control exam is over, and that it should be advanced at least three weeks. Postpartum care should be the same process as pregnancy care - instead, an exam is currently being suggested. Fortunately, in our country, pregnant women (more or less) meet with their mothers on a regular basis, but due to their workloads, mothers usually do not get as much time as they would ideally. According to American experts, up to 12 weeks after childbirth, there is a need for a full-fledged conversation, education, and nutrition, as well as sleep, sexual and physical function.It is very important to support the newly born mother According to experts, these new guidelines are needed because, surprisingly, more and more women are dying after childbirth in the United States, "We are also aware the mother will receive, especially in the weeks following birth, "said dr. Professor Alison Stuebe Parsley to The specialist also emphasized that certain complications (such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia) also increase the risk of other events, so that the affected baby should be better treated, helped, problems.It is then worth thinking about this time before the baby is born. Most pregnant mothers spend a long time preparing a birth plan, decorating the baby's room, adjusting the baby's bedding - and then, once in a while, you'll find yourself alone. If we know in advance who we can turn to with our problems (perinatal help, breastfeeding advice, nursing, local group of mothers, etc.), we can solve the problems, via)Also worth reading:
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