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Smartphone app helps little babies during baby kittens

Smartphone app helps little babies during baby kittens

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With the help of a newly developed mobile application, mothers can listen to their baby's heart rate and track its entire development.

The application Bellabeat Connected System captures the sound of the fetus, indicates how many times the baby is small, and the weight of the baby. The system is also able to monitor , warns the prospective mother that it would be worthwhile to consult a professional. As one developer, Urska Srsen, said the original goal was just to fix the fetal heart rate, the other option came gradually.

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Since many pregnant women do not have the time to browse pregnancy-related websites across the globe, they can benefit greatly from such an application, which provides them with the right information for their lifestyle. It's only been available for a month, but thousands of them have been sold and more and more baby boomers are showing interest.
The application also allows you to join a community site called BellaBeat Global, where pregnant women can share their experiences, fears, and rewards. Manufacturers will be making further improvements to the application in the future, so that they will soon be able to control their baby's blood pressure, weight gain and blood sugar levels as well. Bellabeat is available for free through the iOS operating system and can be downloaded for Android devices as well. Its final full version is expected to appear on the summer.