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Ubiquitous power of eye contact with baby

Ubiquitous power of eye contact with baby

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To look into the baby's eyes. It is one of the most wonderful sensations in Szllkken - and one of the most powerful ways to connect with it.

Ubiquitous power of eye contact with baby

Some connection

Newborns can't speak, but they can't even express themselves in the first few months with a smile - but more research has proven that they are actually communicating with eye contact, with a lot of glances. And it turned out that the relationship that the baby has with eye contact is much stronger than we thought before. Because if the baby and the parent look into each other's eyes, their brainwaves are in sync with the other, according to research from the University of Cambridge and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Researchers believe that getting the child and the parent so synchronous is the first step in their own way of communicating. In the survey, 17 babies, eight months old, were examined with an EEG cap (electroencephalograph), a psychological instrument used to record the electrical activity of nerve cells. The babies were videotaped so that they had the tool on them as they sang children's songs. In some of the videos, the adults looked straight at the baby, while the rest of the babies were looking at their babies' heads at 20 degrees, or they turned their eyes completely. The survey was also conducted without any intermediate recording. In between, only babies wore EEG caps, and so did babies and adults.

The coordination of brain waves has intensified

When the adults looked at the babies, the connection of the brain waves intensified, and when they looked at the babies, the relationship weakened. So far, it has not been shown that the brain activity of the baby reflects the adult, but research suggests that the baby's brain function is similar to that of their parents when they make eye contact, And this is also the case backwards, as is the brain function of their parents. Researchers believe that this discovery allows for better insight into the ability of infants, as they make contact with their parents through eye contact. Victoria Leong, a researcher in the study, said that when the baby and the adult look at each other, they indicate that the others are available and willing to communicate with him. - We have found that both the brain of the adults and the baby responds to this signal. This prepares infants and parents to recognize more easily when they are listening and talking to others in their later communication, and it also makes the baby's speech process more effective.
According to a previous study by Science News, when a group of people have brainworms, easier to interact with each other, and backwards, when people agree on something mutually, their brainwaves also start to come together. With this in mind, it is possible that a strong, lifelong communication link will be established between the parent and your child through eye contact. How it came to be that when we see a baby in the eyes of a baby with a strong rope, it's not just in our imagination - as a result of the research, we know that this is indeed the case.Forrбs: mother.lyRelated links: