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Every eighth woman touched her breasts

Every eighth woman touched her breasts

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When you suspect breast cancer, even when you feel it at home, or even after it has been detected, it is advisable to conduct further examinations by a specialist doctor.

Every eighth woman touched her breastsDr. Hernbad Balzb, the Center for Obstetrics, which deals with cancerous cancers, tells the most important.
In Hungary, one in eight women in her breast has been affected by her life. Not only breast, but most cancers within 30 years are rare, but unfortunately this is not always the case. There are genetic (BRCA mutation) factors, family history of neoplasms of the tumor, and certain environmental factors (eg obesity, smoking, etc.) that increase the risk of occurrence - early onset. Balzh of Hernab, the niece of the Center for the Immaculate Conception, who 1Recommends annual fertilization for women between the ages of 8 and 20 (cytology, pelvic ultrasound, breast).

Listen to ourselves!

Focusing on teenage childhood begins, they gradually become nervous, and between 10 and 20 years old, it is not the search for tumors that is the target, but the pay attention, the exam. It is always advisable to consult a specialist before menstrual complaints, fertility infections, or the start of conception. The mother can also help in learning this. If you have regular breast examinations, you will find out very soon if even a dozen pepper formulas have not been there before. These can also be checked by ultrasound examination. The test is accurate and painless. Targeted sampling may be required, as a short, outpatient procedure, explains dr. Balnzs of Hernabdi.

Fibrous, other exams

If you have a breast cancer suspect, even when you feel it at home, it is advisable to carry out further tests, even after you have detected it, and may have cancer markers (T159A, CA-549, the process can be followed sooner. Early detection of malignancy has a broader potential and a better chance of healing, but it must be done for both young women and their families - emphasizes dr. Hernabdi Balazs (source: Nőgyugyszati ​​Center, Ultrasound Center)Related articles in this article:
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