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Two Things You Can Do For Your Baby (X)

Two Things You Can Do For Your Baby (X)

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You just need a new life ... two more heroes!


It is known to many that folic acid is of major importance before, during and after pregnancy. However, few people know that folic acid cannot be directly utilized by our body. Our body must first turn it into a biologically active form, a blemish. In Hungary, up to 56% of women are unable to utilize folic acid properly. *
Metafolin ® is a more bioavailable calcium compound of folate that is more beneficial to the body.


DHA is a vital, highly unsaturated fatty acid. DHA is found in large amounts in the brain's gray matter and retinal phospholipid. The fetus and infant get DHA from the mother's body and breast milk.
Watch the video and learn more about the two things you can do for the baby.

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* Czeizel E. et al (2001): Prevalence of Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) Gene Polymorphism (C677T) in Hungary. Medical Weekly Journal 2001, 142 (23), 1227-1229