Eczema can also be associated with mental problems

Eczema can also be associated with mental problems

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According to a new study, there is a correlation between eczema, schizophrenia, asthma and mental illness.

Eczema can also be associated with mental problemsAccording to a study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry, mental health and eczema, sinanata, asthma.Dr. Nian-Sheng Tzeng - a review of the literature by the Tri-Service General Hospital in Taiwan found that some previous studies have found that there is a link between mental illness and the aforementioned illnesses. children with eczema, asthma, or syndrome have more emotional, behavioral, and hyperactivity problems. However, the results of previous studies have been mixed. Tzeng and his team have been followed up for 15 years across multiple ages. A total of 46,467 allergies and 139,941 people who had none of the conditions were examined. Tzeng's suspicion was confirmed: 6.7% of those who did not develop allergic symptoms during the study period showed psychiatric symptoms. In allergic patients, the figure increased to 10.8 percent. Eczema patients have the lowest risk rating. Researchers have also shown that the use of certain asthma medications has reduced the risk of developing a psychiatric disorder.
The relationship is likely to be complex, and the allergic condition is under a lot of stress, which worsens the symptoms of a morbid mental illness. It is also true that permanent rashes, itching, skin changes eg. eczema can be so overwhelming to the patient that it can cause anxiety and stress, which can lead to mental illness. . We want doctors who deal with allergies, syndromes, eczema patients to be more aware that the risk of psychiatric illnesses may be higher than those who suffer from these conditions, said Dr. Nian-Sheng Tzeng.
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