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It's not just for fun that you need pictures in the book

It's not just for fun that you need pictures in the book

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A new study found that the illustrations in the storybooks do not have a primarily aesthetic value, but contribute significantly to the narrative of the educators.

Not just for fun, pictures are needed in the bookThe study involved 41 children and examined the effect of illustrations in books on the memory of children with the help of eye tracking. The study was published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. The research Takács Zsуfia Katalin, leader and researcher of the ELTE PPK Cognitive Development and Education Research Group Adriana G. Bus (VU University Amsterdam). It is clear from our research that illustrations that are closely related to the story contribute to the children's understanding of the text. The narrative in which the illustration is not related to the tale's glass contributes less to the better understanding of the text. only to be gradually reduced and then abandoned, only in older children is the role of illustration from the point of view of glazing.
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